Monday, August 25, 2008

School Days, School Daze... summer. The boys were off this morning for the first day of Will's senior year and young Wesleys' Sophmore year. There are so many fun happenings to anticipate this year. I am also thankful that we are all in good health. Last year was a rollercoaster health wise and I am looking forward to a healthy year and healthy years to come. Feeling pretty sentimental about everything Will is doing right now thinking this will be the last time... oh well, he is growing up and is such a fine young man. What a joy he is to us and I am excited about college for him. He is struggling with knowing whether to play football if he is offered or to just be a college student. He wants to go to Africa and study abroad for a semester and be a counselor at Blue Haven but can't do that if he plays football. We are all praying about it.
I am having to get out my worn copy of "Wild At Heart" and re-read to get ready for football session. It is so hard to see the boys get hit and piled upon out there. This book has really helped me to see that I have to let go and let them be what God intended them to be. Men. I still really don 't like football! (When Colt or Chance or Case or Will and Wes or Zane are out there getting beat up it is hard to watch!) And, please a word of warning, don't come and sit by me during a ballgame and think it is a fun social time. You are sadly mistaken. Now I know first hand why Debra is never in a talking mood at games while her boys are playing. She is praying. Amen sister! Every play a prayer. I am with you. Anyway, I will say that it is a blast to see Will catch a ball and run into the end zone for a touch down! Or to see Wes make a good tackle out there. SO MUCH FUN!
We are off tonight for a big meet the players ice cream party. I will try to put pictures up as soon as I get some. Blessings on all of my sweet friends and family! Love you Liz!!!
Also, please say a prayer for our dear Willard Tate. He is in the hospital with pneumonia. He is battling lung cancer. I am praying that God will give him more years on this earth for His glory.

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Max said...

Well, I wish I could be there to enjoy some ice cream and football!
It's fun/sad to see our boys growing up. You & Sid are doing a good job raising up 2 Godly young men. Thanks for the example ya'll are to us. Yes, we KNOW ya'll are perfect ! :)
I will be cheering the boys on from a distance.
Look forward to seeing ya'll later this year.
Hugs & Blessings,