Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hey you guys! I was listening to a cd from the encampment while I was running errands this morning. It was John Smith talking about passing our faith on to our children. It is a tough thought. We can pass on all of the bible knowledge and make sure they get the christian fellowship, but how do we insure they "get it"? I mean truly get it? How do you pass on a faith feeling? How does the Holy Spirit play a part in "feeling" like a Christian? I know in my life something sort of supernatural happens when I stay in the Word. It is alive just as it states. Just some thoughts. I am going to finish the cd and see how he might explain it. For now...can anyone express how you are passing on Heart Feeling Faith? Amy

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Maria said...

Hi Amy,
I believe that this comes from our pesonal walk, being Jesus to our kids. Showing them what faith can do in our lives. So many times I have been around people who just by the way they act or what they say makes me want to be more faithful. I want to be around them because they water & help grow my faith. They make me want to be stronger, braver, more compassionate, more merciful, more loving & more faithful. As a child I remember my grandmother going through so many trials & heartaches and yet instead of her faith giving way, it only intensified. I thank God that I was able to witness this for it is how my own began, by seeing hers. We can verbally teach our children what faith is and how to attain it but nothing can speak louder & more clearly than to live it right before their own eyes, be Jesus to them =).