Thursday, September 18, 2008

update- Will

Hey. Just a quick update. Will has a hairline fracture in his pelvis from a hard hit in the first football game. He will have to be out another 2 to 6 weeks depending on his pain level. Thanks for the prayers for his state of mind. He has worked so hard for this football season, but is learning hard lessons is not always easy and fair. We are taking him to visit Harding this weekend. He is really excited. We are too but it is so far away! Hope that everyone's weekend is a blessed and beautiful one!

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Max said...

So sorry to hear about Will's injury. I hurt my knee and had to have surgery my Senior year, so I can relate. During that time was one of the first times where I really heard from God and understood more who He was and who I am in Him. I will be asking God for a special encounter for Will. How did the Harding visit go?
Sure am glad you a blogging! Helps me to feel more in touch with you and your world!