Antonin Scalia...Supreme Court Justice

Antonin Gregory Scalia , is an American jurist and the second most senior Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Appointed by Republican President Ronald Reagan, he is considered to be a core member of the conservative wing of the court.
Justice Scalia is a vigorous proponent of
textualism in statutory interpretation and originalism in constitutional interpretation, and a passionate critic of the idea of a Living Constitution.
Last night Sid and I had the blessing of being able to go and hear Judge Scalia in a Law School lecture series. I left there feeling thankful that we have such a conservative judge on our supreme court. Actually, you probably would not call him conservative so much as just an orginalist. He strongly believes that what our forefathers drafted in our constitution should be left alone and not up for changes and someones passionate interpretation of it. His lecture was very interesting and thought provoking. We have moved so far away from what our forefathers believed and what they intended for this country to be like. I pray for more supreme court justices that believe like Judge Scalia. Our constitution had God's handprints all over it with our forefathers being guided by Him. I pray that we will not change it so much that we cannot see Him in it anymore.


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