Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Christmas...Happy New Year!

Hey! Hope that your holidays have been wonderful! We spent four days at Mom and Dad's for Christmas and then went to Sid's sister's house for a visit with their family and also spent some time with his parents Bob and JoAnn. From there were in Ft. Worth for four days for the Whataburger basketball tournament. We met Bill and Shawna and family, Bob and Jo and Becky's family on the first day of the tournament and had Christmas with them. What fun.
We are now home and boy is it nice to be here. There is just something about sleeping in your own bed. I like it. I love to travel but, home is awfully nice too.
Here are some Christmas pictures...
and a few Christmas memories-

Watching "The Ultimate Gift" together
The big family Christmas good to see everyone
Looking at Mom's Christmas tree. Pretty
Listening to Mom and Ky play the piano together
Watching old family videos of the kids when they were little. That was a great laugh.
New puppy for Mom and Dad..and trying to hide it from them all day on Christmas Eve.
EVERYONE being home for Christmas this year
Hearing the boys all screaming and laughing in the pop- up when when the clock struck midnight on Christmas Eve.
The yummy Christmas morning brunch made by Mom and Dad
Wonderful gifts from people that I love..thank you everyone!
The fire in the fireplace, good coffee, great fellowship
The thing I did not like: Saying goodbye

Christmas these kids are growing up.
Sid showing off his new boots.
The family. Christmas morning.

Chance with the scripture wall hanging that Jan made for him.

Colt and Will

The Christmas morning jump on the bed and take a picture, picture. A tradition.

Mom and Dad Uncle Gerald and Aunt Nell

Michael's family

Light as a feather.

I love this picture. Dad's fireplace.

Party food.

Wes and I are taking off in a few days with the folks to go and see Colt play in the Fiesta Bowl. Should be a good time. Appreciate your prayers for safe travel. Sid and Will are hanging around here for basketball , work and Yes, Wes will have some catching up to do.
I am going to finish taking down the Christmas decorations here in the house today, hopefully. I used to be so sad when I had to take it all down but now it almost feels like I am spring cleaning or something to get it all down and the house cleaned up. Weird. We had Bill and Shawna here the past few days for a visit. Such a sweet family. The cutest kiddos. Enjoyed the visit with them.
Blessings on your day! Talk to you soon.


Michelle said...

We had a nice visit w/ your parents last Saturday. We got to enjoy that little puppy that your dad calls "dog", that is too funny! I too love the fire and your mother's Christmas tree, not to mention the view from those big windows!

Have a blast at the game, I'm sure you will! Happy New Year!
Many blessings in 2009


Amy ... thanks for the comment on my blog. Looks like you guys had a GREAT Christmas.

We have a son who is home right now during Christmas break too. It's sure been good to see him :)

Have a great week,