Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prayer Before Worship

We do a better job of imagining what worship will
look like in heaven than what it might be like
in church, Lord.

We like the idea of crowns being cast
before you. Of a numberless choir singing Holy! Holy! Holy!

We are not even all that uncomfortable with
a trumpet or two in that setting. Or bowing
down, come to think of it, since everyone
else will be doing it, too.

It’s church that stumps us. Contrary to
our strongest resolve, we too often file into the
worship center wondering What are we in for today?

And Will we sing any songs I know?

Will I hear anything that
makes any sense at all?

These fears leave
someone else—anyone else—in charge of what we
receive. And what we contribute.

Deliver back to us, Lord, a voice—a loud prophet’s
voice—that calls us to enter your presence as
your church with awe.

With reverence.


With wonder.

Make bold our own
voice to cry Today we want to hear a word
from the Lord!

Today we want to practice
abandon in adoring you.

So maybe heaven
won’t come as such a shock.

1 comment:

Max said...

YES!!!! Keep on seeking.... Keep on worshipping.... keep on sharing your heart.
I am blessed.