Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little Road Trip..Windmills, Cats, Songs and Home

Howdy! It is a HOT, beautiful day here. I just drove back in town from taking a little road trip home to do some gospel recording with my family. It was really nice to get in the car and drive for hours while turning up the radio and singing as loud as I wanted to. I love the lovely west Texas landscape. Most people would say it is desolate and ugly, but well...I love it. I drive through it thinking of days past with Indians on the tops of the hills and what that sunset would have looked like from the back of a horse. I think I might have been born in the wrong time. Anyway, we had a great time singing and God really blessed our recording time. Mom has two or three really wonderful new songs that we put on the CD. So pretty.
I will let the rest of the pictures and remarks show you what else I got to do. The picture above is of an old town in between where I live and home. It has brick streets. I love brick streets. I got off my road and drove down it just because it was cool.
Lovely. See anyone up there?

And this is how the view is being ruined (in my opinion) by these ugly windmills. OK, I know that they are supposed to make electricity or whatever, but I really don't like the way they are taking over the landscape. Yuck.

Dad showed me his little kitties this morning. The Mama cat has disappeared. He says she was killed by an owl or a bobcat.
Dad is being Mama cat. He is feeding them through a little dropper and also trying to teach them how to lap the milk up. He is a sweetheart. He told me a few hours later that he was in the chicken pen and killed a very large bull snake that has been eating his eggs. He hated to kill him but he hates loosing eggs. Wish I had been there to photograph that incident.
Home. Always nice to be there.
I wanted to take home the white one but he is not ready to let one go.
Sweet Daddy

A break in our recording session. is tiring to try not to sing off key for 4 hours.
Goofy brother and sweet Mama
Well, road trips are fun but now it is back to the business of getting a million things done between now and June. Take a deep breath, here we go. I plan to enjoy and see the joy in every minute of it. Blessings.
P.S.: Thank you for praying for Sierra. She is doing a little better today.
Howdy Liz!!
And...who are you Kyle, Texas? You win the award for most visits to my blog. Please post a comment on this post and tell me about yourself! Thanks!


Liz said...

Thanks for the "howdy" and "taking me along" on your trip! Wish I could have joined you!
When does Will graduate?
Jedidiah's "graduation" (4 missionary guys) will be June 5th)
Love ya! Keep on shining!

Amy said...

Liz: Will's is May 29. Love ya too!

CJ said...

Hi Amy! I enjoyed the trip. I haven't been past San Angelo in years and truly miss west Texas. Road trips are my favorite. I too think sometimes I'm an old soul living in the "wrong time"! Just checking in on you to see how things are going as you close in your son's senior year. Thinking of you...

Debbie said...

Oh those baby kitties are the cutest things ever!