Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shift...Football to B.Ball

Howdy!! Don't you love Thursdays? I guess it is because you know the weekend is on the way or something. I have always loved Thursdays. I love this one even more because our oldest son is coming home from college today! woo hoo! We are very, very excited about seeing him and spending Thanksgiving with him and family. Wes shifted from football to basketball this week. Below is a picture of him playing post in his first game. He did great with 8 rebounds and 6 points. It was great fun watching him.

I am being a little sentimental this morning. This is Colt's last home football game on Sat. We are all going down for the game and I am sure it will be a blast and incredible and maybe even tearful. (Thanks for asking us to come Colt.) We are so proud of him. He is set to break the record to be the most winning college quarterback in history. (For winning the most games in a college career.) Very cool. I absolutely love all of my wonderful nephews and nieces. They all have such different and such wonderful personalities and gifts from God.

Chance can make me laugh when no one else can and I wish I had just even a little of his artistic and athletic talent. Casey is such a charmer. When I think of him I just see a beautiful smile and happy heart.

Zane is witty and fun and smart I can't wait to see how his life turns out. Benjamin Bunny is precious. He has an incredible sense of humour and sensitivity about him and it is so endearing. Ky has been sewn into my heart. What a beautiful, calm, sunshiny presence she is. Wow, I love these kids.

I am going to write about my other sweet nephews and nieces on another blog day. They are so awesome too! I guess since I was thinking of this milestone for Colt ,that his McCoy brothers and cousins are on my mind right now.

Colt was always the champion of the little cousins (Will and Wes, Zane and Ben and Ky.) Wes especially hid under Colt's wing of safety.

He is an awesome football player but even more important, he is an awesome man of God and loves family. I pray that the Longhorns will win the remaining games and Big 12 and go to the Championship and win it. Not for any earthly glory for Colt, but for him to have the opportunity to give God glory in front of millions of people. What an incredible blessing. I pray for his protection in every way Father.
My sweet Wesley

Precious. Colt and Wes...Red River...Shotgun Willy's
These two pictures are how I will forever in my heart and mind think of all of our boys. So full of life and fun and they enjoyed each other so much. Thank you God for such special memories.

I love those who love Me, and those who seek Me find Me. Prov. 8:17

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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Wonderful pics....
Wanted to stop by and tell you and your nephew...CONGRATS on the Big 12 win over avid KSU fans(hubby is alum) we were rootin' for the Horns! We'll be rootin' them on in the Big 12 Championship too. Thank you for sharing that he is not only a wonderful, talented man on the field, but an awesome child of God with a great family background! Oh it would be so great to meet you someday!
Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving...