Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Everything is Strange

Well...maybe not strange but just different. I am having to remind myself that is just takes time to "fit in" when you move. Maybe a better way to put it is it takes time to find "where you fit" when you move. Having the house kind of set up and all of our "stuff" in helps it to feel kind of like home. I am thankful and happy about where we are and I know that things will start to feel comfortable sometime soon.

With young Wesley in a new school and Sid at his new job and Will back at school I am feeling a bit of strangeness. Yes, I have to admit I am a bit lonely but even more than that, a bit restless. I am asking God to show me my mission. I have always known that my mission in life was to have a family and raise Godly children. I have loved this life and all that has gone with it, but I have been having lots of thoughts about just living the ordinary, comfortable Christian life. It is just not enough. With Wes going to college in a year or so, what will life look like? I want to see more clearly my roll in furthering the Kingdom. I pray too that I can be involved in the lives of people in a cherished friendship way and in a spiritual way.

Ok, I came back to read this after taking a break and doing some other things around here. Sorry that was a little deep and sober, above.

Speaking of strangeness I went to log into the blogger this morning and it said that I needed to change some things on my account because I had had suspicious activity on my blog. WHAT? I have noticed that people have been coming to this blog from facebook. How is that happening? Wow. If someone could tell me I would love to know. I do not have any link that I know of from my facebook to this blog. Weird. I am also up to my ears in paperwork...yuck. Moving taxes my brain with all the changes in paperwork. Doctors, insurance, banks...etc. Sid did get us a pass to the wonderful Rec. center though. I need to just go walk off the stress! I believe I will.

Anyway, I did walk into Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday and the familiar smell of the place was a welcome blessing. I guess their stores all smell the same, West Texas and in East Texas. Familiar smells are so good sometimes!! Kind of like the smell of coffee in the morning. It is just a soothing comforting smell. ahh....

Ok. I will try to have a sane mind by the next time I post on here, hopefully I will be able log on! :) Go away suspicious activity!

Our new sunset view. Our old sunset view below. Both lovely.
Another view of millions of trees by our driveway.
A familiar, warm lovely place...my friend Shana's house. PINK! She has a beautiful, pink, cottagey decorated house. Lots of coffee and yummy stuff are always being consumed in this house.

Blessings friends! Love you all.


YogaAndBirth said...

Oh Amy! The "suspicious activity" may have been my fault. I put a link to your blog about Colts interview on my facebook page so that my friends could read it. I wanted to honor him and his faith in that trying situation and your blog was really great. Sorry! I don't think it does anything bad, though. Just allows my facebook friends to read it. Is that okay?

Amy said...

Hey! That is so very ok. I am just glad to know how people were getting here from facebook. I don't mind at all! Thanks!