Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kentucky Good Times Past

Below is part of an email that Mom sent me from my Uncle Al that lives in Kentucky. I just wanted to share it with you. It really touched my heart. You see, these beautiful people always touch my heart. They lived on a lovely piece of property in Kentucky for many, many years. They always had an incredible garden. I was blessed to be able to visit at least twice when they lived there. His letter is about them moving from this lovely place into a retirement center. I love his attitude and his humour and his love. Thank you Uncle Al for sharing your heart, and for helping us to see this world is not our home. Thank you too for your influence on us to laugh and love and look to God for answers. Heaven on earth is being with the people we love, and looking forward to our real home. Glory.

Uncle Al, Sid credits you with giving him the courage and shove he needed to take on getting his doctorate. Thank you for that. Aunt Doris: You have a never ending attitude of positive thinking and I love the twinkle in your eye and the sound of your laughter. I love you both dearly.

The email below is a letter from Uncle Al to update family. I love his last statement.

"Do you think that echos of good times past will be hovering around...?

Yes, echos of good time past will always hover over that home. I pray that echos of good times past will hover over all of our homes and that the Spirit of God and His goodness will light up our homes as well. Blessings.

From Uncle Al:

Rains have fallen all day - with reminders that He makes it fall on the just and the unjust. Aren't you pleased that deciding the identities of all those in each classification doesn' t fall on your shoulders??? Each time we look out our living room windows, we see Hannah Gentry's car.. she is there at the nursing home almost 24 hours a day, attending to our dear friend and her dear husband during what surely appears to be his final days on this earth.

Does such an event loom as a threat in your life,or can we know the peace that comes with knowing that the end here is the beginning of hereafter and eternity with Him? This is not a message of gloom and doom. "Rejoice, for great is your reward in Heaven".....

Tomorrow marks the end of the second week in our new residence. The settling-in process here has unfolded with little stress and the absence of any disappointing discoveries. Is'nt that great!!! We are nearing the finish of emptying the old house and doing the cleaning necessary to make it a bit more presentable. The outdoor storage/playhouse remains. We will then procede with an appraisal and offer it for sale.

Do you imagine that the echoes of good times past will be hovering around as new folks look around at the prospects?? (only in our memories, I think)

Time for dinner.....Much love to you all, Al and Doris

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