Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just For You Mama...

My Mama loves to see Dogwood trees and Azaleas. She was supposed to come for a visit this weekend but believe it or not, she was diagnosed with diabetes this past week and was not feeling up to making the trip. I would appreciate a little prayer sent up for her. She is a bit better today, and I am thankful. I think she will bounce back quickly and do well on her new medication. Anyway, these pictures are especially for her, but you can enjoy too! God's flowers and trees are so lovely. He must have been thinking about how much we would love to gush over the beautiful colors and watch it all grow and change.

We had a fine day today on the Azalea Trail. Tomorrow I will post pictures from the Tyler Zoo. Yes...we did go to the zoo. I know we are all grow ups but it is our favorite zoo and we visited SO many times when the boys were kiddos.
It was a walk down memory lane. Loved it. Blessings...until tomorrow.
Enjoy Mama.

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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Your Mama and I would hit it off! I so enjoy dogwoods and azealas as well!!! I actually just love all flowers and blooming trees...those pics are Gorgeous!

So sorry to hear about your mom--will lift her up in prayer for healing. My oldest son was diagnosed with diabetes at age 7...he's almost 13 now. It's a nasty little disease but he does well. I am standing on the word of GOD for his healing. One day, he will do NO MORE SHOTS!
Have a wonderful and Blessed Resurrection Sunday dear friend. :)