Saturday, July 10, 2010

B.Haven Kitchen...

A beautiful Sunday afternoon to you! We so enjoyed worship this morning. We are so blessed to have a preacher that just talks straight and moves us to want to be better people for God. One phrase that stuck out this morning for me was: Sinners with a Solution... Jesus.
I am so thankful.

I wanted to write a little today about a group of wonderful women and a few super duper men that put in amazing amounts of work and time at Blue Haven for the camp to run. Can you imagine feeding nearly 300 people three meals everyday? I couldn't until I witnessed it first hand 2nd session. These women have it down pretty pat and work together so beautifully. I absolutely had the best time working with them and getting to know them. Wow...they can cook.

This is Jennifer (with the flowery apron on) she is THE cook for camp and delegates and inspires her girls that lovingly help her manage all of these meals. I must say she is one of the best cooks anywhere. Her cinnamon rolls are to die for!
This is a typical morning set up for breakfast. Lots of juice.

Wes wanted me to take a picture of his breakfast burrito. I don't think he could wrap this one up.
The campers take turns washing the dishes. You would think they would gripe and complain but they do it with a smile and usually sing as they go. So fun.
Michael cooks on the grill for the teacher's one night each session. Steaks and grilled veggies. What a treat!
He has to wear swimming goggles to cook out there.

Sweet girls.
The best desserts you could ever put in your mouth!

When it is over a whole army of people pot wash. Well, there were three. Wes found out what hard work was. He loved it.

What a crew. We are only missing Laura and Jennifer in this picture. Laura is the dish room manager.

Some days after cooking they then get to distribute the mail for the campers.
I loved the time I had up there to work and be a part of something so wonderful.
Girls, if you are reading...I love you and lift you up very often to our sweet , loving Lord in thanks. I also pray you will not be weary in well doing...may He strengthen you and give you joy for the job.
Blessings. Love, Amy

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Diana said...

That's a whole bunch of food!

Hope you had a blessed weekend.