Monday, July 5, 2010

Blue Haven...Session 1...Best Week of the Year

A preview of heaven. Sounds a little silly I guess. It is however how I feel. What a blessing to be in the gorgeous mountains with nearly 300 people that are focused on spending a week drawing closer God. Camp Blue Haven is really all about seeing God more clearly and learning better how to love Jesus and serve him with all your heart. I am so thankful for what this experience has taught my children and myself. My heart is full. Thank you God for this blessing of being involved in this camp and for the blessing of getting to teach and watch hearts commit to You and grow closer to You. Awesome.

Here are a few...well MANY pictures, starting on the drive up through Amarillo and on...
Have you seen this? Outside Amarillo a few miles are old Cadillac's planted in the ground. People come out and write all over them and stand on them. Weird, but kind of cool. :)
We always are so excited to get to the spot we can have this view on the way in to camp. Lovely. Hermit's Peak.
Baptism spot in the Tecalote River.
We had 10 baptism's while at first session this year. Awesome to behold.
Sid and I with Jan and Michael. Love you guys.
Will and Ben gave the talk for Bible class on Sunday.
So proud of Will. He is a counselor at camp this summer. A dream come true for him.
Silly songs night. So fun.
How awesome to see 16 or so cool counselors being silly and just loving God. What a blessing they are.
Sid and I had a high school group for class. They were great. I pray they will seek God always.
The barn. Chapel everyday at 11:00am. Fellowship and singing was incredible.
Jake. Love you brother. Miss you too.
This is the Leap of Faith. They climb on top and try to stand and then jump from the top to catch a trapeze bar. Wow. So scary, but most of them tried.
Wes getting strapped in to go up.

Nearly held on. Good job!
The sunsets are unbelieveable from the deck of the dining hall. Thank you Father.

Dining Hall.

Sann Man. Awesome counselor.
Serving line. Zane.
McKinnon singing I am a little tea pot. He is growing up so fast. He is a mighty man of God.
Dining hall fun.
Jack Shero. are too funny.

Ezra. Precious."When you cross that are you going to live, for God or for yourself?" I love this little river.

New Quad. teacher cabin.
Trading post

The boys replacing cross ties on the walkway. Hard workers.
Michael, you are such a blessing. So thankful for your heart and Jan's heart for this camp. Thank you for all of your hard work and care.
Low ropes bible class. Hard stuff but rewarding.

Jared...thank you, and thank you God for Jared.
Talent show...
Beautiful girls. They make me smile. I am so fortunate to have these girls in my life and in my family.
Carry your cross. Thank you women. I am not ashamed.
Love these girl counselors. How hard they work and play and pray for all of these kids.

Love you Willy boy.
Sid's birthday song. :)
Will, Sid and Logan.
Jello eating contest
High point. This road leads to the cabins in the Blue Canyon. So gorgeous.

End of hike to mini falls. We were the last to hike this before the fire.
Bible class
Awesome friends and women of faith!
Wes...Melissa. Sweet.
Will and Natalie. What can I say? She is lovely.

Closing campfire
Testamonies at closing campfire.

This was the way the sky looked the last morning of camp. Sid and I were out on the way to take him to the airport. We smelled smoke but did not know what was happening until we got out on the road away from camp about 5 miles. Tomorrow...the forest fire...

Blessings on your day. To rest now...this virus is still eating my lunch. Thanks for your prayers. It is so aggravating to be tired and feel weird. I so take my good health for granted until I don't have it anymore. What a blessing to feel strong and have energy and to feel normal. I pray it will come again. Please Lord. I love you all!

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Diana said...

I enjoyed your post so much! Thanks for sharing all about the trip and experiences. What a blessing.....