Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Husband...

Sorry if I sound like I am bragging...I am a little I guess.

I am thankful this morning for my husband. I have been blessed. I did not deserve such a Godly, wonderful man. He has always put our children and myself first in his life. He has worked on his doctorate now for years but has done it slowly and methodically so that it would not interfere with our family life. He has made sure that he is always there for our boys events...whatever they were or are. He does not loose his temper ever...even though I have given him many reasons to do so over the years. He loves me even when I don't act right or look pretty or am sick. I'm not sure how I won this jackpot but,"Thank you Father God for this blessing."

Come to think of it...he is the man that he is because he tries to walk like Jesus and tries to imitate His life. So...we are really second in his life. Jesus is first. I am sure that is why he is such a great father and husband.
My husband...I love you dearly!

May I think the best of him in every circumstance,
May I laugh and sing and make our lives a dance.
May I build him up with the words I say,
May I give him reason to look forward to the day.
May I be quick to look over his mistakes,
And thank him for the efforts that he makes.
May he feel safe and know that I’m his biggest fan,
May I remember he is clay–he’s only just a man.
Let me love him the way I want to be,
Forgiving as Christ has forgiven me.
May I build my home by every word and deed,
And may love flourish from every planted seed.
(unknown author)



texwisgirl said...


Keep dancing!

Cindy said...

What a sweet tribute to your husband. I'm also blessed with a good man. We'll celebrate 33 years of marriage this spring!

Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours!

Warren Baldwin said...

Very nice! Great testament to marriage!

What doctorate is he working on? I think I will be starting one this summer.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I think the very same thing about my love. He is patient and dedicated to God first then our family! We are blessed so much to have this! Thank you for this post as it is a reminder to me that my man is only human!!!