Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh What A Beautiful Morning...

Wow! Gorgeous day a goin here!  Even though the plumbing has backed up and water was POURING from behind the washer this morning and coming up (gross) in the sink. It is a gorgeous day!  Trying to think of something positive about having to call a plumber on the weekend with weekend rates.
Nothing positive about that. 

Here is a positive thought...we decided to wait until Monday. This means no running the dishwasher, which means no cooking plus no doing laundry today or tomorrow. Now, there just might be something in that scenario that is worth smiling about! ha.

It is just so absolutely gorgeous outside that there is no way this can ruin this day. Period.

I wanted to show you two things I love that were given to me at Christmas. There are many more but these have been sweet. Wes gave me this sweet, girly mug from Starbucks. Love it. Perfect.
Debra gave me these snugly house slippers.  Please don't tell her that I forgot to change when running to Wallyworld last week and wore them into the store. Yes, it was kind of embarrassing. Note to self- look at your feet before you go out of the door. Even to Walmart. Note to self...try not to go to Walmart anymore. Yeah, right.
I finished the Thin Places book this morning.  Truthfully, this book is not an easy read. It is filled with struggle and heart ache but victory.  I recommend it. Here are some of Mary E. De Muth's final words in the last chapter.

Jesus, the tree's so tall and I am so small. I don't have wings. But You can fly wingless me to the treetop.  Help me reach the higher branches so I can sing.  Help me know You see me.  Enliven me. Reach me.  Help me gain Your perspective, experience Your presence.  I want to fly, want to have an amazing life.  But even more than that, I want to know You every single day. 
Give me wings, yes.  But give me eyes to see the thin places life brings me, whether I am soaring or glowering or laughing.

That's what I want to be-a Jesus-follower who sees each day as a gift, who discerns thin places in every circumstance, who soars, reveling in life's beauty.  L.B. Cowman puts it well:  "Strive to be one of the few who walk this earth with the ever present realization- every morning, noon and night- that the unknown that people call heaven is directly behind those things that are visible.

Let it be, sweet Jesus. Let it be.

Yes, I pray that in every circumstance we can stop to see from God's eyes. React with His heart and "see" with the idea of being in a thin place.  I believe if we think this way we will see thin places in our days everyday.  Even seeing something good about a flooded laundry room. Dragging all the wet clothes that were on the floor out the back door got me outside and helped me notice this breathtaking day. 
There is always something to learn. Just depends on how we look at it.

Blessings on your day! Amy


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, I love it. Maybe your house shoes will wind up on one of those funny "people of Walmart" videos!

You are making me want to read that book even more!

Enjoy your time without chores. Guess they'll be there Monday for you. :(

Vickie said...

Hi Amy! Love the houseshoes at Walmart! Well, at least they were cute houseshoes!

I love the piees from the book. I love thinking about Jesus flying me up to the top of the tree! What a word picture!

Good for you - no cooking over the weekend!