Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday So Far...

These two are my new friends.
They learned to climb on the screens last night.
They love to eat and play and did I tell you...climb on the screens?
Sweet little guys, but they might loose their claws. :)
God painted their coats so lovely.
Breakfast was two eggs cooked in Coconut oil with a big handful of spinach thrown it.
I have become addicted to this meal. Yum.
Funny how the more veggies you eat the more you like them.
I really think our bodies crave vegetables if we let them.
I also heard that using coconut oil cuts the risk of Alzheimer's disease by a little.
It is really tasty too.
Loved spending time in the Word this morning.
Be still, and know that I am God.
He is God and...I am not. (Repeat over and over...I tell myself.)
Actually it is very comforting that He is God and I am not.
I tend to mess things up most of the time when I am operating on my own.

Oh, this did not happen today but it is anyway-
Our oldest gentle giant played for the intramural championship at his school a few nights ago.
They won! That boy can throw the ball.
They call themselves the Goon Squad. Love it.
This sweet little girlfriend of the oldest gentle giant was in attendance.
They are too cute.
Ok,this did happen this morning. I had a meeting at Panera about helping host a hospitality class.
One of the wonderful women in attendance enjoyed this most beautiful of coffee drinks. Perfect.
Now, I need to get off of this contraption
(as my grandmother would call it)
and fold these clothes and put them away.
I think I might have to start in on the Christmas music (for inspiration) to get this job done.
Speaking of Christmas.
It has begun.
My plan is to get everything finished and hurry out to sit with this man
in the sunshine for even just a few minutes.
I think a cup of coffee and some conversation would be a great end to the afternoon.
Blessings on your weekend.
Let's all take time to be still and know that He is God.
Love, Amy

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, the music! So glad you got it going again. Like a sweet surprise when I click on your page. Looks like you got your priorities in check. Happy weekend!