I bet you thought you would never hear from me again. :)
Or- maybe I am delusional thinking anyone reads this blog. ha!
What ever the reality of being missed or not, I am back.

Life has been busy and messy and hard and good and blessed and did I say busy?
Just life.

We have been working ourselves like silly in the yard trying to beat the weed fight.
Right now we are winning but it is close.

We are having a little party for our oldest gentle giant and some of his friends on Friday.
They are getting their Aggie rings and we are going to celebrate.
Can't wait for the fun.
This celebration is going to happen in our backyard and that is why we are caring a bit more than usual about how this (way too big yard for fifty year olds) to take care of looks. Just kidding honey.

This lovely Bottle brush bush is screaming red right now. Wow.
  I have been having fun making some homemade little canning jar candle holders.
Oh, on other news- Our sweet Will and his even sweeter girlfriend are on the front of a BOOK COVER! Woo hoo! Aren't they cute? This is a sequel to a super book called "Glass Girl" by Laura Anderson Kurk. Check Glass Girl out on Amazon and then check out Perfect Glass in late April.
No, they are not book cover models but friends of the author.
They had fun and I think Will fell in love with that pickup.
 This book rocks! I am reading this lovely, inspiring book right now. Life changing thoughts.
 I think that this is how we are to live...
Blessings! Amy


Wa Wa Waughs said…
That book cover is awesome! How much fun. You'll have to explain to me about the aggie rings. No idea...and that book will go on my summer reading list!
Wow, the book cover is Awesome! So exciting. I am also curious about the Aggie rings...what's the deal?
Regardless...have a wonderful time entertaining! Sounds like such a fun time. I'm so ready to sit on the patio and enjoy the outdoors...instead, we are sitting in the house tonite curled up by the fire, it's so cold here!!

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