Fear up until recently has been a constant companion of mine.
If there was anything I could worry about- I worried about it.
God has stretched me and shown me in my heart that I do not have to fear.
What can the world do to us that God cannot handle?
The fact is, we know the end of the story no matter how the plot plays out.
I love that thought. It gives me peace.
I love the scripture above. What an incredible promise.
I find it really humorous that last summer I was so concerned about both our boys being away at Camp Blue Haven all summer. They were going to be over 12 hours worth of driving away from us. I can imagine God smiling and saying to Himself, "Just hang on daughter and wait for next summer. We will get you over this fear and worry thing."
Now, fast forwarding to this summer our oldest gentle giant is alot further away than the mountains of New Mexico. I think God knew that I needed to get over my control issue with my children so He flew him down to Peru for the summer. Ha!
We have this great blessing of being able to face time on our iphones with sweet Will.
I praise Him for it!
I praise Him even more for giving me peace. Complete peace. I can't say that I don't pray alot for protection and blessing and spiritual growth and well, more protection over our kids because I do. I just do it with peace. Perfect peace that passes all understanding. I do not understand it. I just know He gives it.
God loves our children more than we do.
Hard to fathom- but He does.
I rest in that.
I continue to pray for protection and blessing over these two Mighty, not perfect men of God.
I can't wait to see how God draws you near this summer and how He blesses through you and showers blessings on you. God is so good.
He will uphold you with His righteous right hand.
 Case, Will, Alex and David.



Wa Wa Waughs said…
Yes, you are being stretched! I just finished reading The Gift of an Ordinary Day...I think you would love it!
Liz Crittenden said…
YES!! Glad that fear is being made to flee!! So proud of you -- that you continue to let Him stretch & grow you! Keep having a heart for the world .... and encouraging your boys to GO FOR ALL that HE HAS for them.... WHEREVER it may take them! Love ya, dear one!

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