How It Really Is...

See the sweet picture above under my blog title?
Well- this one below was usually the shot we got.
How it really was...
So fun.
 This is another how it really is photo...
We had to empty our boys four bedroom college house that we own for a family to rent it for the summer.
Being the frugal people that we are,
renting a storage unit just was not in the cards.
So-we look like hoarders and we feel like hoarders and I just might pull my hair out soon.
This is the room that my computer is in.
No, you can't SEE my computer.
Yes, I feel claustrophobic.
Sorry to be whinny. Love our boys and their wonderful roommates but I am counting down the days until all of this is moved back into their house. Help!
If you need a sleepover- (that's a bed under there) -ha!
How it really is- I want to go back here...
It seems that God is blessing us to be able to see this again really soon.
We are coming for you lovely beach. Can't wait for the sand between my toes.
But- before then I am thrilled to be able to mosey back up to one of my favorite places on earth.
To see some of my favorite people on earth.
Our youngest gentle giant and family.
This is how it really is too...
And for your inspiration and motivation for the day.


Wa Wa Waughs said…
Wow, you're brave to show it like it is!

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