Monday, April 7, 2014

Going To The Chapel Very Soon...

We are praising our good God this morning for a multitude of reasons.
Some I can talk about and some that will go unnamed but none the less- Praise is going on.
We declare God's Splendor all day long!

We had a fun weekend helping our oldest gentle giant and his fiance get their little cabin in the woods ready to live in after they get married next week.  It made me think about our first little wood frame house below.
It was a sweet and very drafty house to live in. Wonderful memories and a great adventure.
This is a picture of where our kids will live.  It's not fancy but it sure is peaceful and roomy.
 Not a bad sunset view either...
The future oldest gentle giant's wife was doing a little nesting this past weekend and I noticed these framed words on the window sill above the sink.
She is a keeper. Yes she is.  We are incredibly blessed to have this precious girl in our family.
 Not a bad little porch to wile away some spring and summer evenings.
 There of course had to be one last lock down pre-wedding wrestling time between these boys.
 And some fat cat relaxing time...
Love these people.  There are none more giving and loving and kind...

Have a great day!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Looks wonderful! So happy for your growing family!

Anonymous said...

Exciting times! We had a wedding 2 years ago, and one last summer. One more to go. God is still moving through families. Congratulations on your growing family.