Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jesus Is Better...

Hey friends!
We went to a conference last weekend called The Verge.
It was in Austin and it was good. Very serious talk about being in love with Jesus and walking as disciples of His. Some of our Aggies for Christ college students went too. It was a great time of bonding and celebrating "who's" we are and how we are to live for Jesus.
I would love to share a few thoughts from the conference in the next couple of days. (Hopefully I can sit down long enough to type something out.) 
My how time flies when you are having fun and helping plan a wedding. :)

Thurs. night Verge notes:
The only place I ever need to fit in is- in Gods arms.
God has placed eternity in our hearts.
Our lives will not be satisfied by anything but Jesus.
Make my heart believe. 
My heart does not believe it sometimes so Jesus, please make my heart believe.
With Jesus, worship becomes mission and mission becomes worship.

If you are at the brink of moral failure- you have not been sitting at Jesus feet. 
You have not been in the Word with Him. 
IF we are in Christ today there ought to be a lingering smell of Jesus on us. 

2 Corinthians 2:14
But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere. 

The war on this side of eternity is between the war of self and living for God.

There is nothing so seductive as our claustrophobic kingdom of one. 
Too often life is all about us and our kingdom of selfishness.  Most of the treasures that grip our lives are assigned value by us. 
Everyone lives for some kind of treasure.  
Make Jesus the treasure. 

On our drive home the bluebonnets were breathtaking. I have not seen them like that in quite a few years.
We also had to make a stop at a Waffle House. I can't explain this love of little waffles that the men in my life have.  There is a strong attraction there. By the way- Waffle House is a great place to people watch. :)
Sweet Colt and Rachel let us sleep over for the weekend. Loved the little bit of time we had to visit.
It's always good to be together. His shirt says- "one of the greats". We agree that he is one of the greats- but the shirt is advertising a hamburger place in Austin. ha!
Moving on- we are gathering lots of photos for the upcoming rehearsal dinner so that we can make a video. How precious our kiddos were. What absolute fun those young years were. How incredibly, incredibly fast they flew.
Love this pic of my husband and our oldest gentle giant fishing. It looks like he is petting the fish.
I think he probably was.
He was such a sweet and kind little boy. He still is.
Ok- must move on again. My eyes are blurring.
And...this blog post just keeps going...
Just in case you might want to know-
Here are some things we are doing at the rehearsal dinner...
Love this idea of a Memory Jar. We are calling ours the Blessing jar and will have everyone write a blessing or favorite scripture or memory and leave them for the bride and groom.
The two pics below are our centerpieces that will be staggered on the tables.
Love the way they look.

So- counting down to these two precious friends getting married.
Jesus is better than all of this...and this is all really wonderful.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Your life is so full right now! Can't believe you carved out time for Verge but it definitely sounds like it was worth it!