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Learning about God's Spirit and My Heart is Hurting a Little...

Good morning! The picture above was taken on a long walk a few days ago. If you look closely you can tell that aside from the beautiful yellow flowers which by the way of course grow where they want to that the rest of the green are weeds. I think that we can take even the hard parts of our lives, the failure parts that are not pretty and try to ruin us (like weeds do a lovely flower bed) and turn them into good for the benefit of helping others. If we let God heal and make new our failures- we can give praise for the weeds in our life.
We are going through a preacher transition.
The most important thing we are learning in the midst of trying to figure out who we are as a people and what we want to focus on and what kind of preacher we want, etc., etc., is the fact that this will not turn out the way we desire it to turn out unless we totally let go and let God be in charge.

Can I ask you a question?
Do you FEEL the Holy Spirit when assembling with your fellowship of believers?
I don…

Birdie Kind of Day...

Finally, a day that has been moving a little slower and more calm. I might still be in my pajamas. Yes, I might be. It has been quiet around here since the sun came up. I opened the windows to enjoy this cool north wind and to hear these crazy, chirpy birds enjoying themselves.
Well, that is until this obnoxious but lovely woodpecker decided to hammer his beak on the rain gutter. Made me jump. :) He wanted all of the other birds to clear out so he could come in for the food.
Kind of like this humongous squirrel (that looks so big it might be a beaver) decided to commandeer the bird feeder yesterday. Grrr... LEAVE our BIRD FEED ALONE you big bully!
So, as I was saying it was a calm and peaceful morning...then I got this text. Goodness. Thankful our youngest gentle giant did not have his cell phone in his pocket at the time that the tractor ran over it. Praise the Lord! Always something to be thankful for. Thankful too that he is working today to pay for a new one. :)
In all things giv…

Gorgeous Houses of Nacogdoches, Texas...

On a recent quick trip behind the Texas pine curtain in Nacogdoches I drove around and took really quick pictures of some of the houses that I have always loved in this quaint beautiful town. Nacogdoches is known as the oldest town in Texas. We lived there for a number of years and so we have a great fondness for this sweet place and for the friendly people there.

These are just a few of my favorite older homes in Nac.
Enjoy. If you ever need a weekend road trip to a beautiful place. Nacogdoches will not disappoint.

 Not a house obviously but could not resist putting this lovely lane in the blog. Cool, green and shady.

 For some reason this house seems a little "Hobbity" to me. :)

 Not a house but a historical gorgeous church.