Friday, December 5, 2014


This is how the gorgeous leaves looked a few weeks ago here where we live. I have been out of commission for the past two weeks because of what seemed to me to be a deadly cold virus. Either I am just getting older and don't handle sickness as well as I used to, but bouncing back from something this nasty was a big challenge this time.
It was not the flu but just about as bad.
I pray you will be spared. :)

My husband's family gathered together for Thanksgiving and for DaddyBob's annual Christmas picture taken on the Texas A&M campus. This is one of the new statues in front of the student side of the stadium. Pretty cool.  Love all of these guys. I got up to spend a few hours with them on Thanksgiving and then take this picture and went back to bed. I am smiling here but running about 101 degrees of body temp. Yuck.
Precious, precious hearts. We were so sad to not have Will and Candace here with us this year.
Next year though!! Done deal! We miss you guys so much!!
We always take a silly jump picture of all of the kids.
It was once again silly and fun and it makes me smile.
As we start thinking about Christmas and presents and all that jazz, I pray you will enjoy ALL of it.
I have been doing alot of thinking about how we normally do the present thing. Really, really want to do it differently.  Still pondering.
Talk to you soon.

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