Monday, March 30, 2015

Am I Too Careful?...

I love the man I am married to. 

He sent this to our sons and to myself this morning:

Am I too careful? After reading Don Miller's latest blog post re: his delay in getting his recent book out (Scary Close), I was struck with thoughts of how I often am too cautious and careful, thus limiting God's blessing and the Spirit's work in my life. One of the things I find myself fighting on a regular basis is being too consumed with what others think. If I can simply act on impulse, without over-thinking, I am usually better off. I'm not talking about impulse buying, but acting on an idea, making a call, sending a text or email, perhaps even making a move on a prompt from the Spirit! One motto I've tried to live by lately: Taking action & failing is better than taking no action at all. So what if we act & fail, at least we acted! Another preferred motto: Better to act and ask forgiveness than to ask permission. Let's be bold & courageous, acting to speak & bless others, small acts of kindness with no hesitation, and especially when taking action for work: applying, calling, texting, emailing, or writing a note. If we don't act, it's difficult for God to bless.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

That's a good one! Got to hear Donald Miller speak recently at OC - he is so entertaining!