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Morning Muffins and Hope...

Good morning! These are our favorite muffins. I think I make them at least once a week. They are even better when you use coconut oil.  (Tip on using coconut oil. Heat the oil and mix it in last with all ingredients. It will solidify when it hits cold milk and will become a soft solid and it does not mix well when that happens.) 
Here are some great thoughts from O.S. Hawkins from his book "The Joshua Code".
Salvation is, from start to finish, from first to last, the work of God Himself in us. He keeps us. He found us. He does what He pleases and He is always pleased with what He does. "The day of Christ" suggests that grand and glorious day when He will come again to receive us as His own. He will keep us until that day of Jesus Christ. We are living in the great "until". Until...the day of Christ Jesus. Until then, we can trust Him and know we are secure in the now life and in the next life that is to come. 

Sunshine On My Shoulders...

A long weekend in Florida= peace, tranquility, rejuvenation, vitamin D, fellowship, laughter.  Peace.

 Love spending time with these two.