Monday, August 24, 2015

Quick Stop In New Orleans...

 First stop...
This was a fun experience and super good food...
We stayed in a little apartment right in the French Quarter off of Frenchman's street. 
Our oldest son talked us into finding a place to stay from this website: Airbnb
I was a little hesitant but it was wonderful and quirky and quaint and within walking distance to many tourist attractions. Oh, and it was only $100.00 for 5 of us. 3 bedrooms, kitchen and 1 bath. Yep. Nice.

 We walked around and took in all the humidity and sights that we could. It's an interesting place.
 Just say NO to this street. Bourbon St. We accidentally roamed down it for a few blocks. Dark.

The huge live oaks were absolutely gorgeous.

We enjoyed an early supper and then a long sit and talk on our balcony. You could hear the jazz from Frenchman's street very clearly. It was nice.
When we got up in the morning our battery on the car was dead. Believe me, we were begging for help. Amazing how many people just looked away. God is good though- a nice woman finally stopped and jumped us off.  Thankful for kind hearted people. Isn't our girl a cutie pie? 
  We were in New Orleans less than 24 hours but this place was a two time stop for us. 
Yes, it is that good. 
 Messy but good. :)
So, I will say goodbye for today with this view from our airbnb terrace balcony.  A nice place to sit and ponder this question that we were thinking about as we walked these streets. We saw so many people that had such a darkness about them. Almost like looking into the eyes of someone possessed.  A palatable darkness, almost like it hovered in the air on those streets and in the people.  I had the thought and wondered if we could feel their darkness so profoundly, could they in turn feel our "light"? Can they see and feel that we have Jesus living in us and through us and giving us life? I hope so. I wanted to cry out His name to help clear the darkness.  Most of us don't walk in such dark places in our everyday lives, but it is there and we need to have an everyday game plan to further the Kingdom and fortify our hearts.  

Father, help us to walk as children of Your light telling Your plan of salvation and the good news of what Jesus has done for us.  Help us to rescue the lost in Your name and help them to see that they too can be free and have the light and Your Spirit to live in them. 

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I've never been and have never really had a desire to go. But you have shown me there are a few bright spots there. I shouldn't avoid it altogether because you are right, we can let our lights shine!