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Coming and Going...What a Weekend...

Hi! My Father in law was honored to be one of the Texas A&M's University Distinguished Alumni for 2016. We had a great weekend last week of family fun and celebrating ending with the A&M win over Tennessee. Times to cherish. Congrats DaddyBob!!
Dressing up for once was really fun too. Aren't these girls lovely? This youngest gentle giant spiffs up nicely.
Looks like Brad Pitt right here I think.
(Don't tell him I said that- he will get the big head over it.)
He may look a little like him and I don't know a thing about Brad Pitt's heart but am thankful that this boy's heart belongs to Jesus.
This was with out a doubt one of the most enjoyable and exciting Aggie games I have ever seen.
Whoop for DBob!

Sid and his little bro and some Tennessee fan. Wow.
The band is my favorite. They are fantastic.

These guys are not bad either.

We had family brunch and coffee and lots of good fellowship.
Thankful for these special times.
I will leave you with miss blue ey…

The Creativity of God...

He didn't have to.

He did it because maybe He likes to see and hear us give thanks
and get excited over butterflies and beauty.
I can find no other reason.
He loves beauty. He loves us.
I think He wants us to see Him in His creation and
to marvel at such intricate loveliness.
Maybe He makes such marvelous things so that we will look into His plan and His way and see the hope and salvation Jesus offers.

He paints everything so lovely if we only take time to look and let it change our hearts.