Life Coaching

Life Coaching. Why?
To move forward and take action in our lives. To help us get a clear picture of dreams to grab on to or to help us loose destructive habits. Life coaching helps us get out of our comfort zones and gives us a path to follow through on our passions and gifts that are buried deep within us. A Coach challenges us and holds us accountable while cheering us on to be the best people we can possibly be.   
We have all asked ourselves “Why am I here? Is this all there is to life?” But most of the time we just settle back into our routine and never really push ourselves to find out why we are here and how to begin living each day to it's fullest. Often, without a coach we end up living stagnate status quo lives and just going through the motions day in and day out. 
Sid Walker will coach you to discover God’s purpose for your life and will help to assess your spiritual gifting and Kingdom work.  After all, all of your life is to be lived as Kingdom work to glorify the Father. 
For information on Life Coaching and what Sid Walker can do to help you personally please email:


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