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Mountains of New Mexico- Road Trip...

Hey there! We just got back from our annual trip to the Red River Family Encampment. For 23 years we have been blessed to be able to head to the cool New Mexico mountains for great fellowship and family fun.  Our boys and their Blue Haven friends all headed over on Friday and stayed the night and enjoyed most of Sat. with us. It was a special time getting to be with them. Even the creepy looking kid in the back of this picture! :)  Sweet, sweet sisters. I always enjoy our time together.  Blue Haven bunch and sweet Wesley.
 Our little chipmunk friends.  What a gorgeous place we were blessed to stay at. Cool, green and shady.  It was fun to sing one more time with my family.  I know that we are not promised more time with the people we love. I am thankful for every day and every minute.  Speaking of people we love, Colt and Rachel were with us for a few days.  It has been at least five years since Colt has been back to the
encampment and this was Rachel's first time.   What a ble…

Colorado Springs Fire...

Please join us in prayer for this beautiful city and it's people.  My husband's brother and his wife and family live in C.Springs close to the Airforce Academy.  They have been evacuated and are waiting, watching and praying.  Some of their friends have lost their homes already. 
What incredible people of faith they are. Her text this morning said: "God is good. He will provide as He always has."  Praying the wind changes direction. Praying God's will be done and that His presence will be felt strongly. Praying He will, for His glory stop this fire.  Amen.

He Is Alive!...

This awe inspiring song is written and sung by Matt Maher. It just makes me want to cry and rejoice and most of all Praise our Father above. Blessings. Have an awesome day. Awesome is such a Godly word. Amy


Good morning.  And a good morning it is. You know how God seems to put ideas on your heart?  Or for me most of the time things that I need to work on in my life. The word Joy has continually been on my heart and in conversations I have had with people lately.
I had a blessing of having coffee with a sweet new friend yesterday.  What a joy that was to visit and see how God is placing new sisters in my life. I am ever thankful.  She was absolutely a person filled with joy and expectation of what God is doing and can do in our lives.
I have probably said it before but I am realizing that joy is not an earthly word.  You can't find it in things not associated with God.  I love this word. It is a spiritual, special word.
Here are some passages that God put before me this morning. (I needed them. I feel for people that have chronic illness and don't have the hope of ever getting better or feeling normal and strong. I have felt that way for several weeks. It is hard and depressing…

Fathers Representing Our Father...

I am thankful for my father and his father and my husband and how he blesses our children.  They have all been great examples of men striving to live this verse: But asfor me and my household, we will serve the Lord.  - Joshua 24: 15 They are not perfect but they love the Lord and have discipled their children to love Him and serve and glorify Him.  I love this picture of my Dad as a boy and his Daddy. His name was Hollis. We called him DaddyHollis.  How this man loves his boys.   I pray that his example of godly living and how he has been seeking God's face their whole life will be an example to them of how to live and serve their families when that time comes for them.  If of course that is God's path for their lives. Our fathers can be and are alot like our heavenly Father and point us to Him.   As I was thinking about Fathers Day this morning
I thought of this verse and how awesome God is. I am thankful that there are fathers that draw their
strength from our Abb…


Here's the church, here's the people. Open the door, see all the people...  I have passed these lovely churches for years on a lonely, curvy road.  I have for so long admired their old fashioned look and clean white structure.  I love the fact that we as God's people have places of worship to gather and fellowship and grow.  I pray that all of our places of worship are filled with people glorifying the Living God. I pray that they are places of love and accountability and truth.  Romans 14:19  So then, let us aim for harmony in the church and try to build each other up.
1 Corinthians 1:10 I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose
Ephesians 1:23 And the church is his body; it is made full and complete by Christ, who fills all things everywhere with himself.
Blessings on your day! Amy

Cancer Prevention Tips...

Good morning!  I have wanted for some time now to start sharing some health tips that have really helped me and have benefited our lives.  My thoughts this morning are on cancer prevention.  Having had thyroid cancer, the c word is a little scary and kind of stays on your mind after you experience it.  I have loved and taken to heart Dr. Mercola's advice for the past few years. I think he is spot on about just about all health issues.  Here are his top tips for Cancer prevention:

A recent study published in The Lancet predicts worldwide cancer cases may balloon to 22.2 million by 2030, up from 12.7 million in 2008xiv. According to Dr. Freddie Bray of the International Agency for Research on Cancerxv, "we're headed in the wrong direction when it comes to controlling cancer rates worldwide."

"The study found that any reductions in infection-related cancers like stomach, cervical or liver cancer... are being offset by "an increasing number of new cases that a…

Camp Blue Haven-2012

Mountains green, sparkling streams, every morning you greet me. Pine trees tall, waterfalls, blue skies canopied o'er me. May I know as I live and grow, God forsakes me never. May His love from above bless Blue Haven forever.  And what a blessing it was this summer to be back up in the cool mountains with so many people that we love.  As I reflected on this special place I thought about how big of an influence it has been on our children and our hearts.  At camp time slows down. There are so few distractions. The focus is on fellowship, enjoying God's creation and growing in knowledge of Him.  It has been a place to teach us what our life in this world should be about. It has also been a glimpse of what I think heaven will be a little like.  It has taught us to stay close to one another, to be accountable to each other and to live an out loud life for Christ.
No holding back. Living it.
Because of the encouragement and growth that happens here we are better Jesus followers.   …