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Hey Wednesday!

I am two days late. Sorry. :) I have been trying to be disciplined to do some things in my life on schedule. Unfortunately, crazy life has happened the past few days. It has been a challenge for me to be scheduled. I am a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person but I know I need to practice working harder at sticking with a plan on some things.  I pray God will keep working on me (and not give up).

The last few days have felt like this: 

Here are few scriptures from this past week from the One Year Bible that really stuck out for me:
This one was from this morning. This was one of the scriptures that I used to sing to our boys when they were small. I would just put any catchy tune with a short scripture and sing them over and over. (Like my Mom used to say, "Talk truth until you are blue in the face.")  I can still hear them and see them singing with me. Some days I really miss those little ones. 
What a powerful passage.  My mouth and my heart.  All of it Lord, may it be…

Getting The New Year Started...

I finally washed and changed my chalk board for the new year.  A fresh start feels good. It's a little cliche to believe in new year's resolutions but I kind of like it. Revisiting goals and ways of living and brainstorming on better ways is good for me.  I usually lament taking down the Christmas decorations and still do (a little) but also felt some relief to clean up and restore normalcy.  
This past week we had some dear friends over that I have missed and have tried to connect with for a long time. We all go to the same church crazily enough but when you go to a big church you have to work extra hard to keep connection. My house was a mess. I live by this motto below and ask for a little forgiveness. We don't live nasty, no way, but if a door is closed you might not want to look behind that unless you want to see the real me. :) 
But, seriously, if we have to have everything perfect before we have someone over and share our hospitality we might never do it. We all fe…

His Word On My Heart

Good morning. Happy January! Once again, here we are taking assessment of how the past year has gone and hopefully making positive changes in daily schedules, as well as in our commitments. We are trying to think about not giving all "yes" answers, but asking God to show us the most important "yes" plans for our lives.  Saying "no" is okay. We are praying for focus and to do a few things well for the Kingdom and for our immediate and church family, instead of many things in a half-hearted way because we are too scattered to care. 
Anyone else feel that way sometimes? of my hearts desires is to encourage people to schedule in daily Bible reading. I feel strongly about it because there were so many years that I walked on my own thinking I knew enough. Up until my 50th year I am ashamed to say I had not read the bible through in its entirety. How sad is that? This hope and concept that I profess and base my life on, yet I had not even listened to t…