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Eat Your Veggies!

This super easy recipe is so very yummy.
If you are trying to up your vegetable eating this is a great recipe addition.
The taste of cream cheese mixed with Hidden Valley Ranch dry mix and rolled and out toasted crescent rolls makes eating more vegetables quite delicious. So- if you have veggie hating picky people in your house, give this a go.  I think you will like it.

I took it to a work party last week and it was a big hit. Thanks friends!! You guys in our room full of computers make my days fun. What a blessing it has been to be in your company.
By the way- this little kitchen gadget is so worth the $19.00 I spent on it. If you make alot of recipes that call for spending lots of time chopping up veggies or fruits this is your best kitchen friend. Love it.

Here is the recipe. I added the cheese as the last ingredient.  I have used Mont. Jack and also cheddar. So- sprinkle on and put under broiler for about 2 minutes to melt cheese. So good. Wonderful scripture for this gorgeous M…

Prayer and Praise...

Wait. Waiting is hard.

Whatever you are waiting on, it takes character and patience and most of all trust, to wait.  I'm not sure what people do about waiting if they have no belief in the Most High God.  The One and Only God that gives comfort and hope and gives us His peace and His presence.  I would think it would be mighty lonely and awfully hard to wait on my own without God in the scenario.  Waiting for your health to get better, the perfect job, the child you have prayed for, the right relationship...etc. Waiting for answers or hopes and dreams takes up a big part of our lives.

It's hard to pray and keep praying and waiting for something or an answer, but after a long period of doing it I find that there is much to learn. If you have to do this for a long span of time and you are digging deeper into the Word and in fellowship with God your emotions go from fear and impatience to peace and deeper understanding of your needs and what God wants for you.

Trusting Him no ma…

My Mama and The Music...

(photo by- Warren Baldwin)
There was always music in our house growing up. Mom was a piano teacher and loved to play and we would sing with her as she played.
She loved and still loves music. It is heart stirring unlike anything else.  There is something she loves more than music though.
Many years ago, God blessed her with the first song from a dream. She heard children singing a sweet tune with words that went like this:
"As if the moon would fall down from the sky, as if the pretty birds would cease to fly, as if the waves would stop their tossing on the sea. As if my sweet Lord would stop loving me."
She learned to get up right then when she dreamed a song and tap the tune out on the piano and write down the words.  We started singing that song together as a family very soon after  she wrote it and have been singing it for years. There were many more that the God gave her.  Some in dreams and some just thoughts from the Spirit.
Last summer was our last official time…