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School Days, School Daze... summer. The boys were off this morning for the first day of Will's senior year and young Wesleys' Sophmore year. There are so many fun happenings to anticipate this year. I am also thankful that we are all in good health. Last year was a rollercoaster health wise and I am looking forward to a healthy year and healthy years to come. Feeling pretty sentimental about everything Will is doing right now thinking this will be the last time... oh well, he is growing up and is such a fine young man. What a joy he is to us and I am excited about college for him. He is struggling with knowing whether to play football if he is offered or to just be a college student. He wants to go to Africa and study abroad for a semester and be a counselor at Blue Haven but can't do that if he plays football. We are all praying about it.
I am having to get out my worn copy of "Wild At Heart" and re-read to get ready for football session. It is so hard to see the bo…

What a Summer!

Just wanted to share a few photos of our cruise with Mom and Dad and a few of Camp Blue Haven 1st session. We had a wonderful summer! Thank you God for the lovely scenery that our eyes beheld. It was awesome.

The whole sunburned crew on St. Martin. What an incredible trip. Thanks Mom and Dad for including us on your 50th Anniversary trip! Wes digging in the sand with one good hand and a broken wrist.

Stop in the Bahamas. Lovely. Sail away on the Mariner of the Seas

Our stop in New Orleans on the way to Florida for the cruise. Until next summer...we leave a little bit of our hearts at Blue Haven. "Thank you Lord for this peaceful, refreshing week. "

Wake Up!!!!

Will and Wes being goofy.

Sid and I on one of our afternoon hikes. We had just walked to Echo Point. Whew...Will's cabin...the blue man group. They got second in the talent show...and all the girls...they said!

The Zip Line!! Wes in a bible study at Blue Haven. Little brother Michael at Camp Blue Haven, first session. He is…
Hey! 50 wonderful years for Mom and Dad! Awesome!
Mr. & Mrs.

Jan and Burl McCoy celebrated
their 50th Anniversary on a
trip to the Caribbean with their
children and grandchildren in July.
They were married on August
11th, 1958 in Bakersfield, California.
They spend
time ranching, farming, traveling
to watch ballgame’s and singing
gospel music with their children.
They want to give glory to God for
50 years of beautiful blessings
and for eternal life.
I was reading my bible this morning in Job and was astonished at the scripture that said after Job lost everything he tore his clothes and fell down to the ground in worship to God. Wow. I think when things go wrong I usually just start feeling sorry for myself, not worshipping God. Anyway...I then picked up "The Power of a Praying Parent" and started reading and the words really hit me hard this morning. I am trying to prepare myself for Will leaving for college. Those of you who know me well know that I struggle with being too overprotective and fearful. I have been thinking and praying about Hazel taking Sarah to Harding in a few weeks and Becky taking Abigail to A&M soon and about Shana taking Josh to Waco and her tears over just missing him, and have wondered how I will handle our boys going away. I remember Brad and Debra talking about how hard it was when Colt went to college and then Chance. Anyway, I wanted you to hear the words that I read today. They were…