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Secret Garden...

This precious one is occupying some of our time these days.
We are loving every minute with her.
How we cherish every day that we see this smile and hear her laughter.

Hang In There...

Hi. Hey Mom and Dad, do you feel like you are just hanging on for dear life?
The first day of school a little rough? It is tough getting back on schedule and for sure tough to leave a little one in the care of a teacher for the first time.   Praying for all of you.    Breathe.  God loves your sweet child even more than you do.  Amazing and comforting.

Memory Coffee Mug Rack...

Good morning! I finally got around to a little craft project that I have been wanting to work on. As you can see below our house is not in style right now and possibly will never be. I think the going look to decorate with is all white and crisp and well...white everything. Not happening.  I. LOVE. COLOR. It makes me cheerful and I LOVE cheerful. :)  So, I guess we have more of a coffee shop, country, garage sale, eclectic, lived in look in our home. 
This window was one found at a work site that our youngest gentle giant was cleaning up last year. He knows to keep such great nuggets of beauty for his mama. Thanks boy!  So, I just wire brushed the paint off, drilled holes and added World Market pulls to hang the mugs on. Waa laa. 
These mugs hanging have such sentimental meaning to me. I am going to love seeing them and remembering great times and great people. All are special in this pic below but especially the little peace mug. My mother in law gave me a set of the fruits of the S…

Tall View Media- Our Gentle Giants...

These sweet and silly little boys have grown up-

They are men that love to see the beauty of people and places and capture it on photos and video.
They practiced on their old folks (us) ;) a week or so ago.  It was fun and goofy and I am really proud of them.

Our gentle giants have their own part time business. They are still working on the name. I think it will be Tall View Media.  Check it out if you need any kind of photography or video services:

The Real Olympics...

Good morning!! I love watching the Olympics. I have REALLY loved watching it this summer because several of the people we love the most were THERE enjoying seeing it in person. Our sweethearts are now back on US soil having had a great time with family and seeing spectacular things. (The women's overall gymnastics final included.) Wow!

When I was reading my daily bible a few days ago I came across this passage below. So interesting to me in light of watching the Olympics right now. How we live our lives on earth is the real Olympics and we are striving for our crown that will last forever.  Praying that we run the race by the Spirit of God and that we do all to glorify Him in our competing, training and living!

Here is the word origin for the word Olympic.

c.1600,"oforinreferencetoMountOlympos, alsotoOlympia(khora), townordistrictinElisinancientGreece,whereathleticcontestsinhonor ofOlympianZeuswereheld776B.C.E.andeveryfouryearsthereafter;fromGreekOlympikos, fromOlympos, of…

Stop and Pray...

Happy Anniversary to two people that are most dear to my heart. Love you Mom and Dad and thank you for showing me Jesus and helping me to learn how to pray. I give thanks for you today and each day for devoting your lives to Kingdom work and to loving people in the name of Jesus.

Have a blessed and joyful incredible day!!

The Dream Giver Book...

Hey friends!
In any season of life, this book is for you!

I have the most wonderful husband that ever walked the earth.Yes, it's true. He took some much needed time to hang out with me for a few days last week. We enjoyed visiting the Buckstaff Bathhouse in Hot Springs, AR and then a night in Jefferson, TX at an enchanting little bed and breakfast called The Delta Street Inn. (Check it out. You will love it.) The Delta Street Inn

The most important time we spent was doing an exercise and workbook on the book "The Dream Giver", by Bruce Wilkinson.  For several years since we became empty nesters, after our kids flew the coop, I have wrestled with and prayed over what would be next for me and for us. (Being a full time Mom was the best job ever! Hard, but so good.) Maybe better said, What do we want the back part or end years of our lives to look like and how do we want to spend them? We know that most importantly it is all about Kingdom focus and that in everything we wa…