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Let's Take It Outside...

We have had some lovely rain the past few weeks.  Our flowers have come alive finally. I have quite the love affair going with this plant.  I think it is purple sage.  So rugged and yet such delicate gorgeous purple flowers smile out of this desert looking bush. Our sweet little backyard of our "new" old house.
There is quite a show that goes on in the morning around this hummingbird feeder.
This quirky little shed sits on one side of this interesting yard. The tin is rolling up and there is no door on it but oh, how I love it. The former owners left the whimsical surf board attached to the side and I'm so glad they did. The Lantana is growing like crazy around the shed.
Our front yard view.
Very nice if I do say so myself. :)
The sun coming through a stream of water from the sprinkler is so lovely.
It's the little things sometimes that delight.
The orange Lantana are so pretty too.
This beauty was enjoying the Lantana also.
The small intricate details that God put …

Need Some Peace...

Ever had one of those days? Well- it seems like one of those weeks or maybe even month, where things are moving so fast and slightly chaotic that you don't even feel you are getting enough sleep to keep up? Or you never quite get to the end of each days list of things to do and consequently the laundry backs up and dirty dishes remind you they are sitting there by the smell hovering close to the sink. Yuck! It's not really that bad. (Me rolling my eyes.) Or you look out into the future and get heart palpitations over what it might hold.

The most frustrating thing to me though is that I want to be done with the everyday things and ponder on the important.  I am still reading Hatmaker's book Interrupted. I might get two pages quickly read early in the morning before the birds even start waking up. (Me feeling a little sorry for myself- what a baby.) Anyway, this author is pleading with us to break out of the American dream mode.  I need to be interrupted. I'm praying t…




We were made for so much more than ordinary lives- (American dream lives.) This book is shaking my heart up.  For a long time I have pondered on the fact that I don't think that I am doing the things and living the things that I feel are truly pleasing to God. To help people see this amazing Jesus by more than just being kind and smiling and blessing. My heart tells me it is time to be loving but bold and to get our hands dirty.  One of the comments from a conference we have gone to the past few years called "The Verge" is- "More than anything, it is time to stop being silent." 
This book is helping me to have a little bit of a bigger view of what our lives here in this wonderful country look like. Do you ever lay in bed in the dark and think deep thoughts about what God really wants of your life, and if how you are living is really pleasing Him?  I don't mean to be so hard on us but I think these are very valid questions. We should be asking them.  I don&#…

Texting While Driving = Stupidity...

I have a blogger friend that I feel especially close to.
God has been gracious and kind in blessing us to be friends.
She encourages me and gives me advice and has a heart like mine.
I know that the reason we are good friends is that we both love Jesus.
Funny, I have never met her in person but I love her.
Yesterday I found out that her sister and brother-in-law were in a tragic car accident.
He died and her sister was hurt but is physically going to be ok.
Heartbreaking. Painful and senseless.
You see- they were hit by a girl that was texting while driving.
Again- senseless.
I am praying for my friend and her sister and family.
Please, please, let's all STOP TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!

Here is an email I sent my family this morning.

What I should have talked about even more in that email as I pray and think about my friend is the fact that someone died because of a text that probably was just so unimportant. Even if it was important it certainly was not as important as the life of a …

Our Little Grandmother House...

Just want to first share a scripture that I read this morning. The Bible that my Mom and Dad gave me when I graduated from high school had this scripture written in the front of it. It has been planted in my heart for many years. It is great truth. 
Hi. I think I mentioned a few blog posts ago that we sold our house and moved cross town. Downsizing and getting rid of some hefty payments sure has been fun and a great blessing.  I have always wanted to live in an older home with old hardwood floors and funny little cabinets here and there. This sweet little house has a lot of those things and I am really enjoying it. We are getting settled in- and we love it. Just a few pics of areas that make my heart smile.  Absolutely nothing fancy and probably not worth posting especially if you love all the elaborate home decorating blogs, but hey- it's home for us.  Us and our garage sale, canton adventuring, earthly belongings. :) Have I told you by the way that I love red? 

 Funny cabinets …