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Summer's End and Precious Faces...


Love & The Outcome- The God I Know...

LOVE these words and video. Enjoy!

If It Was All About Religion
What To Do, What To Say, What To Wear On A Sunday 
All About Perfection 
Black And White, Wrong Or Right, Never Grey 
Well I'd Never Make It 
I'd Never Be Good Enough 
I Tried To Walk The Line, Pray That I'd Find 
Somethin' That I Knew Was Real 
Began To Realize, The Harder I Tried 
The Colder I'd Start To Feel 
Until The Moment 
The Second I Met Your Love 

And Then I Threw My Hands UpWorries Down 
I Remember When He Showed Me How 
To Break Up With My Doubt 
Once I was lost but now I'm found 
No Strings Attached When He Saved My Soul 
I Want You To Know The God I Know 
You Gotta Know 
Oh, The God I Know 

Happy Saturday...

Loading up on good organic veggies and eggs today.  I call this the Texas scramble and if  God ever leads me to run a B and B this will be on the menu. YUM! Incredible daily bible reading adventure scripture for today...
I hope that your Saturday is filled with lots of wonderful snuggles with those that you love.