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CBH 2016

This Christian youth camp experience gets sweeter every year. This was our 14th year to leave the hot temperatures of home and head into the mountains of New Mexico where sweatshirts and jackets are welcomed in the mornings and evenings. God feels so incredibly close and active here.  It is such a thin place for us. (A place where you feel so close to God.) I think that is because we are so intense and focused on helping our campers see Him clearly and draw near to Him.  I laugh sometimes about how much we thought we could bring to our campers when after all these years we truly see that it has blessed us far more spiritually and friendship wise than it probably has the campers.  What an incredible life time blessing.  

 Sweet Sam the camp cat. He can sleep anywhere...
This precious girlie enjoyed a week of meeting new people and being loved on...
 My one and only teaching bible class.
Long hike to Lookout mountain.
About did these to 50 plus year olds in.
We did celebrate that we li…