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Ben..jamin' and his grandmother

Image brother!

I just got a voicemail saying that my nephew Ben is going to be baptized this evening. Awesome! I wish so much that we could be there. Ben, we love you to death and are so proud of you deciding to live for God for life! You are not just one of my favorite nephews- now you are my brother in Christ. I get chills thinking about the gift of spending forever in heaven with you and all of our loved ones! The angels are rejoicing!! Love, Aunt Amy

Busy Week-

Good morning! It was a crisp 52 degrees this morning. Lovely. I love fall and the cooler temps. We just need the temperature to dip below freezing FAST though. The mosquitos are about to kill us. Football games are a workout for your arms! Ugh. I can't stand those pesky things. Anyway, we have a busy week going with a senior meeting tonight, party for Will's 18th birthday, new countertops being put in, (busting out the old tile countertops...before the new), Wes- game on Thurs. and Homecoming on Friday with football luncheon, pep rally and game. Saturday is the Harvest Festival with parade and the boys escorting some cute girls for Harvest Queen ceremony on Sat. night.
whew...Fun, but busy. So many things to think about and pray about. Our good friend Robert Reagan has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is a missionary in Thailand. We are praying that God will spare his life for His glory. If anyone out there is reading please pray for Robert. He is to have surgery this…


Hey you guys! I was listening to a cd from the encampment while I was running errands this morning. It was John Smith talking about passing our faith on to our children. It is a tough thought. We can pass on all of the bible knowledge and make sure they get the christian fellowship, but how do we insure they "get it"? I mean truly get it? How do you pass on a faith feeling? How does the Holy Spirit play a part in "feeling" like a Christian? I know in my life something sort of supernatural happens when I stay in the Word. It is alive just as it states. Just some thoughts. I am going to finish the cd and see how he might explain it. For now...can anyone express how you are passing on Heart Feeling Faith? Amy

Harding Trip

Hey! Well our little trip to Harding for Will to look at the school was great! It is a looooooong way, but beautiful drive. Will loved everything about the school and is excited about possibly going there. Having Molly, Jay and Mackenzie there is an added bonus. They were all so sweet and helpful. We were very impressed with the Harding coaches. They made it clear that they put God first and it is a family team. Will is sold. We now are working on getting him well to play in the next few weeks. Hopefully by homecoming. He is still hurting in his pelvis area. We hope that it will heal soon so that he can get back into football. He really misses it. Hope your day is a great one! Love, Amy

Harding 08

Will and Molly
Mackenzie and Nathan Green

Harding vs. Delta State

Lobby of Heritage Center

Hallway- Heritage Center - Cool pics

Lovely campus

Front lobby of Heritage Center- Gorgeous

Cross on highway close to border of Tex./Ark.- Huge!!

Slow Fade

This song really made me think this morning about how Satan works on us slowly sometimes and little by little wears us down into sin. Sometimes I think we don't even see it coming or we just slip a little and think it does not matter that much until we have kind of forgotten Who's we are and we don't really remember how it happened. I pray that we will all see the "battle" in every circumstance in our lives and be aware of the schemes of Satan. I remind myself that staying in the Word is the key to it for me. After all how can Jesus be my best friend if I don't spend time with Him? Simple but true. I love you all and pray that your day is a blessed and "aware" one. Love, Amy

"Slow Fade"- Casting Crowns

Be careful little eyes what you see
It's the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings
Be careful little feet where you go
For it's the little feet behind you that are sure to follow

It's a slow fade when y…

Wes and Case...being goofy


update- Will

Hey. Just a quick update. Will has a hairline fracture in his pelvis from a hard hit in the first football game. He will have to be out another 2 to 6 weeks depending on his pain level. Thanks for the prayers for his state of mind. He has worked so hard for this football season, but is learning hard lessons is not always easy and fair. We are taking him to visit Harding this weekend. He is really excited. We are too but it is so far away! Hope that everyone's weekend is a blessed and beautiful one!

Wes the Mess...or the Bes...t!


Raining Cats and Dogs

"Good gravy", as my Mom likes to say. That phrase ALWAYS makes our kids grin and laugh. It is raining buckets full right now. Needless to say we just don't get this kind of rain in West Texas very often. We are wondering if it might invite itself into the house tonight while we are sleeping. The waters in the ditch beside our house are only about 6 to 8 feet away from the house and water is over the curb in the front. Interesting. We survived nearly 2 quarters of Wesley's football game tonight. We were soaked to our socks by the time they called the game for lightening or too much water on the field or just not being able to see the people in front of you. ha. The boys were loving it. It was actually quite fun watching their joy playing in the rain and mud. Sometimes things that happen that are just a little out of the ordinary are really a delight. I am glad I did not miss it. The cheerleaders were in their bare feet dancing in the puddles. Rain is b…

The Gibson Family Reunion

What a great weekend! We visited Sat. and Sunday with Mom's family at the Gibson Family Reunion. It was so much fun to see cousins and loved ones that we have not seen in so long. I will cherish the time we had to visit and laugh and worship together. I pray that it won't be years before we all see each other again, but also rejoice that we will all enjoy each other's company in heaven some day!

Just a Few Pictures from the G. F. Reunion:

Uncle Al and Aunt Doris

LouAnn and Emily. Hard to say farewell.

As Uncle Al said," The long and the short of it!"

Gee Gee!!!!

"Sisters, sisters, never were there such devoted sisters!"

All this visiting is hard on a fella!

Wes and Sarah telling our sweet Tenn. girls goodbye. Wes had just jumped in the tank after a fish!
Mom, Uncle Leon, Aunt Ruth and Dad

Lot's of looking at pictures

Michael and Phillip swapping huntin' and honey bee stories!

These gals are working too hard! They need a nap!!
LouAnn and DaddyBurl
The Girls!
The Two Will's