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60 years of Wedded Bliss...

My Mom and Dad celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this month.  How would my Mom answer the question,"How in the world did you make it to 60?" She would say that loving God above and before the person you are married to is the key. When you both love God first and your aim is to please Him above all then your marriage works much more beautifully. So thankful for my precious Mom and Dad.  We celebrated at Perini Steakhouse.
Yummy steak and good company.
We just couldn't get everyone in one picture.

Movie stars. out in front of them as they charge out into the world with grand smiles on their faces and happy hearts.

I love you truly, truly dear Life with it's sorrow, life with it's tear Fades into dreams when I feel you are near For I love you truly Truly dear!

A love 'tis something, to feel your kind hand

Ah yes, 'tis something, by your side to stand Gone is the sorrow, gone doubt and fear For you love me truly. Truly dear! 

Water Kefir Goodness...

Hey friends! Several people have asked that I share this water kefir recipe lately so here is an updated post about making kefir. Questions are welcome. 
Good morning! I just finished a batch of Water Kefir and thought I would share the goodness! You can buy Water Kefir grains at most health food stores in the refrigerated section.  Follow the directions on how to hydrate your grains. It is easy! Recipe and kefir health benefits are listed at the end of this blog post: It takes 3 days to make a batch of water kefir.  Start with a large glass jar and spring water... Keep your kefir in the fridge in between batches or just start another batch immediately. Mix 2 cups of water and 2 tab. of sugar well and then put kefir grains in and store in fridge. Use coffee filter on the top so that they can breathe and grow.
Stir the sugar into the spring water and stir until the water looks clear using only a wooden spoon.
Add kefir grains to the sugar water... Then add organic raisins or apricots. C…