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1st Session Camp Blue Haven

The beauty of the water and mountains is breathtaking and lovely. The smell of the pine trees, water and the grass brings back memories of many many sweet summers.  The peace of the Tecolote river and the view of the wooden cross by the opening and closing campfire amphitheater make my heart beat slower and steady and bless my mind to focus. This place is a tranquil spot that brings peace and renewal.
As lovely as the surroundings are if the people are not there it really is not what it is meant to be. It is just a quiet, beautiful place. Throw the people in and there is a energy and beauty that one cannot describe. I think the buzz and excitement come from everyone being so very focused on helping campers and ourselves see God more clearly and giving the encouragement to walk with Him night and day for every day after we leave this place.

How blessed we all were to be away from the crazy world for a week. May that time spent help us to see that we can stand strong in this chaotic w…