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Organized. Yeah...Right...

I am organized just good enough to function. Sad. I know. It's not that I like it. Really. I dream of being organized. I even try. It just does not take. Much. Look at this sweet little Willow Tree Angel. She is the angel of Good Health. It's probably not a great omen that she fell off the top of the fridge and was decapitated. Anyway, this is somewhat how I have felt the past few weeks. We have met ourselves coming and going and life has been busy. As my grandmother would say, "You have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off." I know what that looks like. I helped her ring quite a few chickens necks when I was young. Just take my word for it. It is not a pretty sight. Back to the organization thing... I met with a group of moms from church a few nights ago and we talked about being organized. This was a torturous meeting for me. I came home and apologized to my husband for all of the un-organization pain that I have caused him all of these ye…

Going To The Chapel...

Ushers...  Brother and sister reunion...  Brothers...  Wedding history...  Fun family visiting time...
 The cousins are growing up...  Lovely...
 Little bow tie boys...  Proud papa...  Look of love...  Lots of laughter going on here...  Happy mama of the bride... Another lovely wedding and a beautiful time of fellowship.
Love you Abigail and Scott.

Advocare Success School

Advocare Success School= Inspiration
It took Wes a little while to wake up Saturday morning. :)
The weekend was a blessing to all of us.
Spending time with our boys and with our brother/friend Nick was sweet for us and so much fun.
We heard George W. Bush speak- love him even more after hearing his heart. What a special man.
We heard lot of powerful testimony's about Advocare and what this awesome company has done for people physically and financially. It is a life changer in so many ways. What a blessing to have friends in this organization. They talk about Jesus and they talk about Advocare. Love it.
Sunday morning Michael W. Smith led worship and what a blessing it was.

  The Ft. Worth water gardens. Lovely spot to stroll through and sit for a minute.

I pray your week is going great! Happy rainy Monday to everyone!

Heart Day...

Valentines Goodies...  For my loves... When the sun sets the water on fire When the wind swells the sails of your hire
Let the call of the bird on the wind
Calm your sadness and loneliness
And then start to sing to me
I will sing to you
If you promise to send me a song

I walk by the shore and I hear
Hear your song come so faint and so clear
And I catch it, a breath on the wind
And I smile and I sing you a song
I will send you a song
I will sing you a song
I will sing to you
If you promise to send me a song
(Send Me A Song- Celtic Woman)
Happy Valentines Day!

The Voice...

Good rainy morning to ya.
These warmer mornings are so welcome.

I open our back door and I can hear our little fountain happily bubbling on the back porch. I also hear morning doves cooing in the palm trees and in the bushes. There is not a more comforting and lovely bird sound than a dove cooing. I immediately find myself being taken back in my mind to multiple times in the past years that we have camped down in Big Bend National Park.  The smells of early spring and the doves singing in the morning. So peaceful.

This little Mockingbird, (I think it is a Mockingbird) and a friend of his played in the yard for most of the day yesterday. He was posing on the fence in the sunset light. 

Our backyard is not anything particularly lavish or landscaped.  Here at the end of winter it certainly is not anything really beautiful either. It is outside though and it is where the birds sing and the fountain bubbles and the wind blows through the trees. It is where the gorgeous puffy clouds flo…


...of my very own little Goldendoodle. Some day. Just a random thought and a sweet picture.  You are welcome.