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Bring On The New Year...

Good morning! Another new year is racing toward us. In some ways it seems this past year has spun and run at an amazing speed.  The Christmas holidays were a whirlwind of activity for us and flew by so quickly. I am usually sad to see all the colors of Christmas put away in tubs and boxes and closed up in the back of closets, but not this year. For some reason I could not get it all down fast enough and felt the need to "January clean" instead of spring clean. Maybe it's just a feeling of needing to simply life in tangible and spiritual ways.  Kind of getting down to the nitty gritty of what is important and what might be just fluff that needs to go away.

As you see in the picture below though, I always leave this one touch of Christmas color cheer for all year long. It's just happy.
My kind husband's favorite quote that we hear so very often.
A great thought to start each day and the new year.

Kind of infatuated with this new little coffee mug wall rack.
Come …

30th Anniversary Fun...

I kind of want to gush about how awesome this wonderful human is in the pic above. Last Sunday marked our 30th year of being married to each other. It's hard to put into words what being by each other's side through these years with all the ups and downs and fun and hard things has meant to me. He is unflinchingly positive and without reserve or shame a committed Jesus follower and lover of God. He works so very hard for our little family and is the person cheering us all on and encouraging us.  His favorite thing in life is to help people succeed in life, in work, relationships and with God.

He is one of the best fathers in this world and his boys love and respect him. He inspires me to be healthy and less lazy and he has done SO many more loads of laundry and folding than I have in these 30 years. He loves the sun and sand between his toes. He will sit and watch Hallmark movies with me. He is a lover of breakfast foods especially for supper. He loves to exercise.  He is a p…