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Random Fun...

No reason. Just for your cuteness viewing pleasure.  Some mischief and laughter in those eyes.   Yes, I am going with this grandma name. Sentimental to me.  Silly, but maybe she will change it to something cute. Nana...  Two of the sweetest kiddos (Well not really kiddos. Just hate to admit everyone is so grown up.) got engaged last weekend. Congrats to Jess and Case. Love em. May God bless you with an abundance of love and laughter and joyful work for His Kingdom and glory all of your days!  Family times around sweet celebrations are truly treasured. Thankful. Missing this boy but hear he is having the time of his life. 

2 Down. Graduation Fun...

The world moves on and yes, time flies. Both our boys/men (and lovely daughter-in-law) have graduated from Texas A&M. We are proud and so very happy for them.

Celebrations these days always include little precious girl snuggles. on this day.   :)
So quickly everyone hits the road. 3 days after graduation our youngest gentle giant has flown off to South America on a mission trip for 6 weeks. His big bro went to Peru this week three years ago on study abroad and mission. God is so good to allow them to experience other cultures and His glorious beauty while speaking the marvelous truth and hope that Jesus brings. It was 28 years ago that I went on a mission trip with Aggies for Christ and it changed my life spiritually and in it's direction. I met the man God has blessed me to love and be loved by on that trip. I am sentimental now as I look back at the footprints of all of our lives. So thankful that Jesus lives in our hearts and minds and that we have been blessed…