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The Colors of Spring...

We took a fast trip to our ranch a few days ago. Sometimes the need is so great to just get out of town and the hustle and bustle and walk into the quiet and peace of the countryside.  We need to remember that in the busyness of life that our souls and minds need to unplug and be still and quiet.
I think it is a practice and we need to figure out ways to be still and quiet even in the midst of our busy lives without having to go somewhere to feel that.
Ah, but the times we can...what a blessing.
I have joked that I want to call our ranch the "Red Bird Ranch" because there are so many Cardinals everywhere out there. All of the men in our family stomp their feet and pound their chests in protest saying that it is too feminine of a name. Not tough enough. Oh well, whatever. It is still Red Bird Ranch to me and someday, Lord willing there will be a Red Bird Ranch Bed and Breakfast on the back side of the property with yours truly running it. Dreaming...
When our kids wer…