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This Evening I Am...

Squirrel watching...
I think this one wants in the house.
They are everywhere.
I've named this one Rocky. He is very brave...and crazy. This Evening I Am...
Pondering life. In the midst of all of the busyness of our youngest child's senior year, including-College Applications, trying to fill out the FAFSA, having to finish our taxes before we fill out the FAFSA, youth group functions, scholarship applications, taking senior pictures and ordering graduation announcements and cap and gown, track meets, trying to motivate him to keep studying...and on and on...Our youth minister asked us to make a CD of pictures for the Senior Banquet. This stopped me in my tracks a few days ago. I shed a few happy tears remembering these precious times of his life. I know you faithful few that actually read my blog regularly are getting pretty tired of this sentimentality. Sorry. It's life for us right now and life as we know it is about to change. So strange...but I think it is going to be ok…


Dad's right vocal cord was paralyzed and he has been enduring problems pertaining to this for the past 8 months or so. We think this problem started when his tractor ran over him (he is blessed to be alive of course). It was then exacerbated by a neck surgery. Anyway, he talks with mostly a whisper or very quiet voice and has issues with eating and drinking and coughing and choking. Mom and I went with him to Houston this week and saw a wonderful throat doctor there that says he can fix Dad's problem with surgery. We are rejoicing that something can be done and prayerful that it will all go well. We will take him down there in a few weeks for the surgery. I praise the Lord for saving Dad from death during that accident and for giving Him back his strength and health and now voice. Thank you for your prayers during this trying and difficult time for Dad. I love this picture of these two. It seems like yesterday that Wes was this age. It has been a wonderful 18 years of laughte…

Great Christian Fiction...Glass Girl

I want to tell you about a wonderful book that I just read. It is called "Glass Girl" by Laura Anderson Kurk. I was blessed to meet Laura at church one Sunday morning not long ago in College Station. She is beautiful inside and out. In Laura I could see a heart after God and a heart that is passionate about telling the redemptive story of Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful, well written love story. You can find this book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Check out her website below.

By the way...Will is going to represent Henry (the young man in Glass Girl) on the cover of the sequel coming out soon. I will say it again...God is so good. I am in AWE of how He works in our lives. It is incredible how He weaves people in out out of our lives to bless us. I love how He gives us opportunities to serve and glorify Him if we have the eyes to see and do. I praise Him with all my being.

Amazon Review:
Glass Girl is a joy to read. The main character, Meg, faces some of …

VW's and Senior Pictures...

Wes and I had a fun day yesterday taking pictures. Very few serious and alot goofy because he would not take this adventure serious. All in all we had a lot of fun. It was a beautiful day.
We got very distracted at one point because we spied a cool VW festival in the park. We walked around and enjoyed looking at the cars and vans. Wes has always wanted a VW van. I think he is really just an old hippy. So many bright colored bugs and vans. Very fun.
Wes especially liked this one. Joyota or I think they are called "Things".

The rest of the pictures were some of the shots we took for his senior picture to go into his graduation announcement. He is a sweetheart.

This is not a good picture of Wes because you can hardly
see him but I just love this wall.
WAY cool.
Blessings. Have a lovely Sunday! Amy

Pet Peeve...Cell Phone Irritation

World English Dictionary
peeve (piːv)
— vb
1. ( tr ) to irritate; vex; annoy
— n
2. something that irritates; vexation: it was a pet peeve of his
— adj
Cell Phone Phenomenon
The picture above is just a random picture off of the Internet but believe me I could take this kind of picture anywhere at anytime of people in my family or total strangers. I had a phone upgrade this week.I have to tell you that I LOVE MY NEW PHONE!!! How tempting it is to just sit transfixed in front of this little electronic wonder. I have never had a smart phone. I think it is smarter than I am. Here is the deal though. As I was having supper with my youngest child last night at Cheddar's I noticed how many people were on their phones and not talking to the people they were with. As I was pondering this, I noticed that my child was busy texting some cute girl as we were dining. No wonder I really could not get him into an interesting conversation. I guess when one person starts this insane new rudeness, …

Happy Flowers...Azalea's and the Dogwood Tree

I was blessed this week to spend a day with my Mom driving around and taking pictures of all of the beauty God is painting here in the flowers and trees. It was a lovely time. Thank you Mama for bringing us home and for sharing a special day viewing the beauty.
Each delicate white or pink blossom of the dogwood has the form of a cross – two long and two short petals. Look closely at a dogwood flower and you will see on the center of the outer edge of each petal there are small holes remindful of nail prints, and the tips of the petals are rusty on one side and brown-red on the other. It is not hard to imagine they represent the spikes that pierced the Hands and Feet of Our Lord on the Cross. And in the center of the flower there is a green cluster that recalls the crown of thorns.

And so the legend of the dogwood was born. This is one common version:

At the time of Our Lord’s Crucifixion, the dogwood used to have the size of the oak and other forest trees. Because the wood was so firm a…

Spring Break at a Glance...

Our Spring Break Adventure. It started with...
A chilly track meet...
College Station stop to see DaddyBob and Bill
Hugging Will's neck as he took off for Haiti...
A stop at Gorman Falls. It is a scenic place on the Colorado River close to Bend, Texas. Many fond childhood memories from this lovely place.

Next stop was at the Ranch outside of Brownwood. Lots of time to sit and walk in this quiet and peaceful setting. Thinking and refreshing our bodies and minds.

The memories of younger boys and their hands are sweet.
The view from Jan and Michael's back porch. Breathtaking. Thanks you two wonderful people for fixing us so many meals for the time we had together.
Next stop was at a lake retreat close to Austin. Lots of good time to sit and visit. Brad and Debra...thank you SO much for the invite!
This kitchen and dining room were so lovely and calm. The light fixture was especially gorgeous.
Good food and fellowship
Snuggling and playing with Lucy the wonderdog
Isn't it beaut…