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Beautiful Ranch House...

Most smiles are started by another smile!

Be imitators of God, as beloved children, and live in love. Eph. 5:1&2

Good morning! These pictures are of my brother and sister-in-laws new house. I took a million pictures but here are just some of the better ones. It is a lovely lodge style, mountain, french country feeling home.
I love it! Enjoy.

Love this piece of furniture that they had built for their dining room. Beautiful.

Gorgeous kitchen.

Master Bath
Her fall pumpkins and decorations were so lovely.
This mantle is made out of mesquite wood. Michael made it. He sanded it forever and then finished it. Very cool. The boy's bathroom.

Michael's friend
The back porch. Serene. Beautiful view.The view of the kitchen from the living area. Isn't that a cool fan?The next three pictures are of the back splash in each bathroom. They were all so different and beautiful.

McCoy Ranch...Scott and White Commercial

Lately I have been blogging alot about football and how it has played such a big part in our lives.

I promise I will blog about something else in the next few days! :)I just saw this video yesterday and wanted to share it with you. It is a Scott and White Hospital promotional video. Love the beautiful shots of the ranch. Soothes my soul. It is a place we love so much.
I have always wanted to call the ranch "Red Bird Ranch" because we always see so many red birds out there, but all of the boys think it is way too girlie of a name, so it is just "the ranch". Boys. Why do they have to have an opinion anyway? ha!
Will is in one of the pictures of the boys when they were really young. They are all holding up fish they have caught I think. So sweet. (pause the blog music at the bottom of the page to listen to the video)You know, being a part of any kind of team sport is so wonderful for boys and girls. Working together in a joint effort toward a goal is such a character b…

Chance McCoy...In The News...

Way to go Chance!! Blessings on your football season!

Not Colt, not Case, take a Chance: The McCoy UT fans don't know about

Road Trip: New Orleans...Colt's 2nd NFL Start.

What a fun filled weekend of football!! It will probably never happen again, but in one weekend we watched Wes' team WIN in their Friday night game then traveled to Houston for a college football game in the gorgeous Reliant stadium and then drove in the dark through the swamps into Louisiana to New Orleans to see Colt play against the Saints the next day.
High school, college and pro football all in one weekend. What fun.
Below are alot of pictures of our weekend. Starting on our drive late on Sat. to Louisiana.
Full moon for our drive into the swamp land.

Have you ever seen one of these? We got up for breakfast in Baton Rouge where we stayed and this was in the breakfast area. Probably only in Louisiana.

The next few pictures are of crazy, fun Saints fans. We sat out and people watched for about an hour before the game. I have been to a few Dallas Cowboy's games in the past but they do not compare at all to the excitement and craziness of game day in New Orleans and the outgo…