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What a

It has been one of those weeks. So crazy and busy that it is gone before you know it. I can't believe it is Thurs.!!!! My camera died!!! I am in mourning.
Will had his wisdom teeth out last Monday and has had a time with. All was going relatively good until this morning and he woke up with major pain. Two dry sockets was what he found when the doctor took a look. He is a little better now. That pain seemed very intense. Poor guy.

Spring football starts tomorrow for Wes. Had to hunt down a Shock Doctor mouth piece today. Football. I have to get my mind in gear once again. I am praying for an injury free spring and next year in football. Please Father.

If you don't hear from me for a while just know that I am out on the road again...route 66...on the way to California. We are singing at the Pepperdine Lectures and we thought that the family could go but it has turned out not one can go with me. :( Mom and Dad and I will be making the trek just like old times. Should be fun. We tr…

The kinds of things that make my boys laugh...

The Draft...Colt to the Browns

We were fortunate to be able to spend the last few days with Colt and a lot of our family in Austin for the draft. It was interesting and filled with quite a bit of drama, but an awesome time together. I am so proud of Colt and the man he has become. We are thrilled he is going to the Cleveland Browns who had made it clear they wanted him all along. The interesting way the quarterbacks were taken and the depth of the talent in this years draft made it possible for the Browns to wait as late as they wanted to pick Colt. (Very stinky of them I must say.) They sure got a GOOD ONE! Lucky them. We are excited for Colt and Rachel and their future in Cleveland and can't wait to go see them!!! Pictures below.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

The way things looked behind the scene.

Dad and Rachel

And they have.

View from Mom and Dad's balcony. Lovely.


Softly Call The Muster...

Sid and I went to Aggie Muster last night to answer "here" for his Mom JoAnn Walker. It was a very special and emotional night. This morning I can't even put into words what it felt like to be there and witness the Aggie camaraderie and spirit. Below is an explanation of Aggie Muster, poem, pictures from last night and a video of parts of last year's Aggie Muster. My niece Abigail Elkins held the candle for JoAnn as we all answered "here".
We miss you JoAnn, so much.

On April 21st Aggies gather all over the Earth to pay tribute and remember those that have fallen over the past year.
Roll Call for the Absent
In many lands and climes this April day
Proud sons of Texas A&M unite.
Our loyalty to country, school,
we pray,and seal our pact with bond of common might.

We live again those happy days of yore
on campus, field, in classroom, dorm, at drill
Fond memory brings a sigh -- but nothing more;
Now we are men and life’s a greater thrill,

On Corregidor years ago today

Living Lukewarm...

The Youth Retreat last weekend was about living in the middle and not really choosing to live fully for God. It was good and hopefully brought us all more to the conclusion that selling out for God and living out loud is THE way to go. We had the retreat out at Shiloh Farm. It is one of our church elder's land and home. It was peaceful and cleansing to be out in the woods with the sound of the bull frogs, crickets, dogs barking, the pitter patter of rain and kids laughing. We saw fireflies and enjoyed friendships being made. Thank you God for bringing us closer to You.
How lovely the sun is on the pines.
This picture is of Buffalo Bill Cody.

This is a picture of John Bob Cody. The owner of Shiloh Farm. He is a descendant of Buffalo Bill Cody. He is just as great an entertainer as his relative. So interesting and very cool.

Histerical Marker on the cabin that we stayed in. So funny.
Lovely swings. Nothing like swinging.
Lane coming up to the Cody's house. Tranquil.
The …

Canoe Jousting...Youth Retreat

More to come...Blessings.