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Negativity Stinks...

This super little easy to read book has been out since 2007. I am wondering why I have not seen it before but am very thankful to have gotten my hands on it and my mind pondering its principles. I think it was written for people in the workplace or folks in leadership roles specifically, but hey, aren't we all meant to be leaders? 

This book gives 10 rules to fuel your life, your work or your team with positive energy. When I first read that it sort of smacked of "new age" with the word energy in the subtitle. Not the case though. It is about how being a positive, energetic person can energize the people around you. I was hoping that eventually it would speak of Jesus but it never went there. If you add the reason (Jesus) for true joy and energy and positivity then you really have something to shout about! 

I love this goal planning page in the book. I firmly believe that we have to set high and lofty goals. We need goals that inspire and excite us to move forward.  If …

Just Say No...

It's time to just shop my closet.

I have realized in the past month how I just blindly buy clothing without thinking. (You know that "Oh, that is SO cute and on sale" thought that runs through my head even though I just dropped by Target to get toilet paper thing.)

So, I am banning myself from buying any clothing for one year. Yes, that is drastic but for a random pretty undisciplined person like me drastic measures are needed.  The first month was hard because I was so used to just grabbing something that I liked be it a shirt or capris or cute dress.  If I wanted it I bought it and there in lies lots of trouble. When I start adding up what all that compulsive buying costs it becomes startling. Maybe even more startling is my lack of discipline and focus on myself.

With the money spent in a year on frivolous clothes shopping I probably could finance a romantic trip somewhere with my husband. We could be sipping coffee and making goo goo eyes at each other with all the …

Birds and Cows...

Happy Sunday afternoon!  I hope you have been able to enjoy a nap in the cool air conditioning or by a pool somewhere. I pray for people that don't have the comfort of air conditioning on a day like this. Whew. Central Texas in the summer. Hot. Hot. Hot.
A few quotes from our preacher this morning. He was speaking about laziness or being a sluggard.
Good things don't just happen.  They require effort and hard work. Prov. 15:19
The remedy for laziness is diligence. Prov. 12:24
Work with your hands, win respect, support yourself.  1 Thess. 3:10-13
We have recently moved to a different house (boy was that a lot of work) and it has taken weeks for any birds to find our well, my bird feeders. (My husband is not at all attached to birds like I am.) Finally a few weeks ago I lured them in with some cranberry flavored seed.  Our granddaughter loves seeing them. They are really beautiful.   A week or so ago I realized that a wren had built a nest in our front door wreath. I have no idea ho…