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A Touch Of Fall...

My favorite time of the year. Fall.  Here in the great state of Texas it takes fall quite a while to get here. We had our first touch of it over the weekend. Drier air, cooled off temps. Well-cooler.  Down from 100's and high 90's to low 80's and even one day rain and in the 70's! Brrrrr.... It was so enchanting! Yes, enchanting and hopeful and fresh and reviving. We have hope that the heat will end in the near future.  Can't wait to see lovely pumpkins adding warm color to front porches and grocery store displays...
Oh, to see sights like this.
My eyes would love to behold such beauty...
Last Sunday we had our boys and lots of their friends over for lunch.  What a blessing to spend time with them all and to enjoy hearing the laughter and conversations.  Cocoa Puff cookies were on the menu.  Definitely a hit. Pop over to an old post for the recipe... Cocoa Puff Cookies I have not done much decorating for fall.
Life has been moving really fast lately but I managed t…

Aggie Football & Living Radically for Jesus...

We enjoyed a very busy weekend of fellowship and fun and Aggie football.
This weekend also included this delectable- (I use that word because it is just a cool word and yes, it's that good) Jan's and Jennifer's pumpkin cake. I take no credit.
I have been to many Aggie football games (thanks to my sweet father in law blessing us with wonderful tickets) but this one last weekend against Alabama took the cake on noise level.
Wow! My ears were ringing after that game.
The Aggies came out on the short end of the scoring but boy was that fun.
So proud of our Aggie football team.
Yes, it is a great, complete, whole team- not just Johnny Manziel. :)
I must say too- we have a pretty special head coach. We like him.
The next day we enjoyed a new little hole in the wall 
cafe that served unbelievably large chicken fried steaks. 
Again- Wow. 
Our youngest gentle giant polished this one off pretty easily. 
My, how boys can eat.
That same younger gentle giant brought us  this stray black pa…

Watching the Sun Rise and Set...

We were so blessed to be able to pool our money (three families) and afford a sweet little gorgeous house to enjoy for our vacation this summer. It was a wonderful few days and very much anticipated by Sid and I to have our two gentle giants back from their summer adventures and with us on this trip. One was in Peru and one at Camp Blue Haven in New Mexico.
Being back together was very good. :)
We drove 10 hours to Gulf Shores, Alabama...right up to the water's edge.
This house had a lovely porch on one end and a screened porch in the middle overlooking the ocean.
This is our wonderful nephew Ben enjoying the view.
We had a few days of semi sun then a nice little tropical (sort of-hurricane...well it felt like it) depression hit the shore. These gentle giants loved it because it made the waves big. There was a bit of concern because of rip tide warnings but that did not stop them from riding those waves. What did stop them after an hour or so was a big ole jelly fish wrapping aro…

Happy Labor Day...

Hello! We are having a super Labor Day.
It is a day off from work but weird how it seems like we are working harder today than a regular work day. Hmmm...
We started with an early morning walk before the oven was turned up outside and then enjoyed this delicious breakfast- Scrambled eggs with green onions, spinach and mozzarella cheese with avocados on top. Yum.
We are now preparing to have 25 or so college kiddos over for supper tonight and hopefully a time of prayer. Thankful for a busy day.
I pray your day off from normal labor has been just what you wanted it to be.
If you are having to work is something that will cheer you up.
It makes me smile. This video is from the movie Enchanted.
(Please pause the blog music and enjoy.)

Tomorrow I am excited about showing you how lovely the coast of Alabama is...