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Farm Life and Family

Last weekend I had a special few days with my Mom and Dad. It was their birthday weekend.  My Dad turned 85. He is still going strong and working hard. Amazes me. He survived a terrible tractor accident a few years ago and managed to heal and get back to hard work.  He sure loves the farm life. Mom turned 83 and is doing good. What a joy to spend time with them.
 I love this tin wall. I would love to use some of it in my house! So cool.
 Sugar. The best dog around.
 We love you Mom and Dad!  Happy Birthday! Sweet granddaughter hugs are the BEST! 

 The sun creeping out as I was leaving Sunday morning.
Always lovely viewing the sunrise on their porch.
As we are about to add more children to this big family I spend a lot of time being thankful for the heritage of faith passed down and taught by our parents and the leadership and love for God they have shown.

I pray that we can continue to tell the stories of the good news of Jesus and that our grandchildren will still be telling about …

This Little Light...

The scriptures above really made me stop and pause this morning to ponder how I handle and live out what I have been given.  A lot of the time I feel like I am the person that hears the Word and lets the cares of the world and desires for other things enter in my heart and choke out the truth, therefore I am unfruitful.  That concerns me and helps me to examine what my life looks like and what the truth of it is. Is my light shining? Am I bearing fruit?

This is why I need to be in the Word daily. I am so self centered. If I don't read these truths daily then I don't even think much about who I should be before God and the cares of the day crowd Him out.

So thankful for the Word.

I love this instagram post that came across my feed a few days ago.  Like Aaron Ivey says, "WHAT A PRAYER! Take a risk and pray it with me."

I am praying that we all continue to dig into the Word and that God is showing us what we are to lay on our hearts daily. It is a game changer to ask Go…

Wise Words, Birds and Smiles...

Blessings! Amy

A Little Facebook Breakup...

This pic above was me. Not the girl, but the guy.  My husband was the one who would get agitated with me again and again. We have been pretty upfront about no phones while eating together, during worship, when visiting with guests, while driving, etc. but outside of those times I did not have much self control. 
Facebook was the draw most of the time. Instagram and Twitter were interesting but not like zoning out of the present and into facebook. (Notice I refuse to capitalize facebook when I don't have to. Can't give it that power. wink. wink.) Truly though, it was running my world but I just would not admit it and really did not even notice what it was doing.  I enjoyed keeping up with friends, reading foodie posts, getting health tips and getting outraged at political stuff. (No, not really.) I started to feed on the sensationalism and crazy stories and noticed I would be upset about things that "might" happen and alarmed at all the political speak. Even though I…

He Reads...

I am so thankful for my husband for many reasons, but the one I want to visit shortly about today is how blessed I have been to have his example all these years of daily Bible study.  He is an early riser and there have been very few mornings of our married life that he has not been up and in the Word. He reads and then journals thoughts and scriptures and then talks to God. He also reads other powerful books that point to God and to Godly leadership and good life. 
He has about 20 years of daily bible reading journals that he can look back on and remember hard times and good times and he can see how God has moved in and through and with us. He sees how God has answered prayers, not answered prayers and how He made us wait on Him for long periods of time, usually to teach us something.  One of his favorite quotes is: "Readers are leaders". I believe that after watching him grow all these years. 
Rooted deep and strong in his heart is first and foremost the Word of God. 
I am…