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Last weekend I had a special few days with my Mom and Dad. It was their birthday weekend.  My Dad turned 85. He is still going strong and working hard. Amazes me. He survived a terrible tractor accident a few years ago and managed to heal and get back to hard work.  He sure loves the farm life. Mom turned 83 and is doing good. What a joy to spend time with them.
 I love this tin wall. I would love to use some of it in my house! So cool.
 Sugar. The best dog around.

 We love you Mom and Dad! 
Happy Birthday!
Sweet granddaughter hugs are the BEST! 

 The sun creeping out as I was leaving Sunday morning.
Always lovely viewing the sunrise on their porch.
As we are about to add more children to this big family I spend a lot of time being thankful for the heritage of faith passed down and taught by our parents and the leadership and love for God they have shown.

I pray that we can continue to tell the stories of the good news of Jesus and that our grandchildren will still be telling about Him years into the future.

Won't it be amazing to all meet in Glory some day?
Ah...what a day that will be.

The Lord be exalted! Ps. 40:13

Blessings! Amy


Wa Wa Waughs said…
I always love your beautiful posts from the farm and what a great legacy your parents have given to the world!

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